Our talent factory for software developers, solution architects and IT conceptionists who want to make a difference in the banking and insurance environment.

    Why Software solutions?

    In Software Solutions, you will work at the intersection of development expertise in technologies and outstanding banking expertise. With us, you develop solutions in a practical way, mostly as co-innovation together with our customers. Above all, our position as an SAP development partner plays an important role here, enabling us to always work on the latest developments and future-oriented solutions.

    Our focus is to promote your career as a software developer or architect in the long term and to advance it through exciting projects in application development for financial services.

    Our focus topics

    Data integration

    We ensure smooth communication between software systems and create new connections as the basis for efficient processes.

    Data quality

    You validate data streams in data warehouse and big data scenarios according to the principle: Early detection of problems avoids expensive subsequent errors.

    Test Automation

    Simplify software testing up to complete and smart test automation and test data generation.

    Individual development

    Implement custom requirements, from small helper functions to full custom solutions.

    Use the latest technologies & systems

    Developer Tools

    As a developer, you work with different developer tools, depending on the task or topic focus. You can find a selection here:

    SAP Technologies

    As an SAP Gold Partner, we work with various SAP technologies in the banking and insurance environment, in which you can also deepen your expertise:

    • SAP BTP
    • SAP WebAS
    • SAP FSDP (Financial Services Data Platform)
    • SAP FSDM (Financial Services Data Management)
    • SAP PaPM (Profitability and Performance Management)
    • SAP FPSL (Financial Product Subledger)

    Programming languages

    With us you work within the most current programming languages. We use the common programming languages Java, JavaScript, HTML5 and SQL, but also SAP’s own SAP ABAP programming language.

    JavaScript, HTML 5, SQL, Java, SAP ABAP

    cross-sectional work on consulting areas

    In the Software Solutions area, you will work with us to produce software products that will then be introduced to customers by our consultants from the other ADWEKO areas. We work closely together on this.

    You will support our consulting colleagues in large development projects and actively participate in the development of new products. You also support our consultants in customer projects. There we have sometimes larger and sometimes smaller roles.

    Important: The consent of our employees. No one has to work on a project they don’t like.

    Our consultants are also valuable sources of input for new product ideas. After all, they gain their experience directly at the customer – where else can you see challenges and needs more directly.

    In addition to regular innovation workshops, our ADWEKO events are of course also a good opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues. Be it during the day in a meeting or in the evening at the bar.

    Our core competencies

    Software Development

    & Architecture

    IT architecture

    Software design & conception


    Analytical Banking

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