Precise information when it matters most. Visualize your business data using Power BI to improve decision-making through custom dashboards.

Power BI is a business analysis service from Microsoft. The goal is to provide interactive visualizations and business analysis capabilities with an interface so simple that end users can create their own reports and dashboards.







The most important things at a glance

  • Self-service analytics in the enterprise: MS Power BI reduces security risks, complexity, and additional costs and can be used by both individuals and organizations.
  • Faster Big Data preparation with Azure: If you want to simplify the analysis and sharing of big data, Azure is the ideal tool for you. With an unlimited Azure Data Lake, you can get insights faster and enable more efficient collaboration between business analysts, data engineers, and data scientists.
  • Intelligent tools for reliable results: Hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, Excel integrations, and pre-built and custom data connectors allow you to gain and share critical insights.
  • Protected analytics data: Prevent data loss and classify the confidentiality of your data with leading features – while maintaining compliance and export security.
  • Improve publishing speed and accuracy for Power BI content: Quickly identify differences and move content safely through development and testing into production using the simple visual cues in the deployment pipelines.

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