The topics of diversity, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are among ADWEKO’s substantial pillars for responsible business.

Practicing Sustainability – but the right way! That is our intention. What does this mean for ADWEKO?

In our value system, people and the environment come first in our daily thoughts and actions. Categorized into three sustainability pillars, our approach is aligned as follows:






The environment and the impact of our business are always our responsibility and are taken into account by an abundance of decisions at ADWEKO. We see ourselves as role models and would like to set an example in our industry of how CSR, sustainability and profitability can be successfully advanced together. For us, this means taking measures that focus on the following aspects:

  • Energy savings
  • Minimizing the use of raw materials and resources
  • Fostering awareness for sustainable behavior


The world changes by your example, not by your opinion.

– Paul Coelho –


Instead of travelling to a project by e-car, we provide our colleagues with the Bahncard from Deutsche Bahn for professional and private use. In addition, our Mobility Card and our E-Bike-Leasing concept enable the discounted use of environmentally friendly, alternative methods of transportation.


Support in daily business: Very little functions in today’s digitalized operating world without the Internet. As an IT service provider, we depend on it and launch hundreds of searches every day. In doing so, we use Ecosia and support the preservation of trees and the environment virtually as a side effect.


In our offices, we attach great importance to energy-efficient and resource-saving office equipment, which is manufactured using materials that are as free of harmful substances as possible. We also ensure ecologically optimized disposal or recycling of old equipment.


In addition to choosing an energy-efficient printer, we ensure that paper consumption is kept to a minimum at our sites. All commissioned print media is produced CO² neutral with recyclable paper and with additional donation to the reforestation of rainforests.


The aim of our Green Behavior approach is to create an awareness of sustainable and ecological behavior among every employee. This commences, for example, with efficient heating, proper waste separation, and plastic reduction.


We love the diversity of our ADWEKO-Kultur and welcome new colleagues, who enhance our company spirit as well as our way of working. For us, good cooperation is crucial, which we express in equal opportunities and community. This “we” feeling is fostered by the fact that we are involved in many forms, socially as well as internally and externally on an international level. This includes joint exchange, as well as equality between all our international locations.

We “unite in diversity”

ADWEKO lives through its personalities and the diversity of input from each individual. Together we are strong and can constantly develop and learn from each other. The inner values, are the ones that count, and that make each ADWEKO unique.

All ADWEKOs are guided by these guidelines:

  • Equal treatment & equal opportunities from the first contact for each new ADWEKO.
  • Exchange takes place at eye level in an international environment.
  • With us, everyone receives the opportunity for training and development,regardless of seniority, area or work environment.
  • We rely on extensive integration. Our extensive onboarding process takes place for everyone, regardless of level or work experience.
  • For us, employee satisfaction is the most valuable asset – this is reflected in the above-average results of our Great Place to Work surveys over many years.

In our annual “Great Place To Work” surveys, we score

ADWEKO performs outstandingly in the consulting industry average.










Team Spirit


Our ADWEKOs are the core of our business and their satisfaction is our top priority. With our constantly evolving measures, we have been consistently ensuring a high level of employee satisfaction for years. We currently count the following initiatives among them:

  • Observance of a gender-balanced recruitment quota
  • Equal treatment within the work guidelines
  • Ethical compass of conduct, communicated through our corporate principles
  • Maximum consideration of measures for safety in the workplace
  • Clear regulations regarding working hours, absences and vacations
  • Central Confidence Center for Compliance Cases

These guidelines serve to preventively identify and act upon a firm framework for good relations, as well as to respond appropriately when the suggested actions are not followed.

In addition to the basic pillars of our CSR and sustainability guidelines, it is the little things that often make a big difference. As a result, we make annual donations to a variety of charities that our employees can choose.

  • Women help Women
  • Stuttgart Kältebus
  • German Children’s Fund
  • Employee Christmas donations
  • Muddy Angel Run
  • Björn Steiger Foundation (AED devices)
  • Support & special vacations to disasters such as floods & wars.

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