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In recent years, the topic of ESG – environmental, social and governance – has also become increasingly important in the world of finance. The associated regulation is intended to promote the sustainability of companies’ business activities and to increase the focus on ESG aspects as an important factor for a stable and sustainable financial industry. With the general societal movement toward more conscious consumption, more and more investors and customers are demanding that financial companies make their operations more sustainable, in addition to regulators.

ADWEKO therefore provides you with all the important information on ESG regulation, sustainability and responsible business in the financial industry. We want to help you meet the challenges of ESG regulation and successfully implement sustainable business practices.

“As a management consultancy, diversity diversity, sustainability and a sense of responsibility are among the essential pillars of our actions.

We see ourselves and our company in a role model function and would like to set an example to our industry, as well as to our customers, of how corporate social responsibility, sustainability and economic efficiency complement each other and can be can be advanced together.”




On the topic of ESG, we at ADWEKO work across divisions with our colleagues from the areas of Regulation & Analytics, Finance, Risk Management and IT Security Management. In addition, we cooperate with Axel Becker, Managing Director of Regulartech-IT-Audit-Consult GmbH, on relevant insights. He is a certified risk and process manager as well as the winner of the DIIR’s scientific sponsorship award. Mr. Becker has significant project experience in ESG or sustainability topics as well as in the area of banking regulatory requirements for IT (BAIT, VAIT, KAIT, IT standards, etc.).

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Sustainability in the financial sector

Sustainability in the financial sector

Nothing is more constant than change, and so from time to time the financial world faces ever new challenges that at first glance seem far removed from business. If the introduction of reporting for credit data statistics and, not least, FinStabDev confronted us with required information, the procurement of which had to be carried out via external providers or our own surveys, incl. the data collection. marketing activities went beyond what was known to date, the financial industry has simply been facing new outsized challenges since the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement at the end of 2015.

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The 7th MaRisk Amendment – What changes in IT Security Management?

The 7th MaRisk Amendment – What changes in IT Security Management?

With the last MaRisk amendment (Circular 10/2021, Minimum Requirements for Risk Management), a number of topics relating to IT security were adjusted, resulting in major implementation efforts. A little more than a year later, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has now published its draft of the 7th MaRisk amendment for consultation.

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