Work-study program, thesis, dual study program or internships –

you will find what you are looking for at ADWEKO!

    Are you in the middle of your studies, looking for a working student position or an internship? Or have you already completed your undergraduate degree and would like to start your Master’s degree in the form of a dual study program? No matter where you are on your educational path – we offer you various opportunities for your first practical experience at ADWEKO!



    For the perfect insight into the world of IT consulting, your internship should at best include a degree in a subject area such as business administration, finance, business informatics, business mathematics or similar. Of course, you can also apply to ADWEKO with other specialist areas, provided you are highly self-motivated and interested.

    Student internships: For 3-6 months, you will gain an insight into our challenging and varied activities as part of a team of consultants.

    Pre-study internship: Are you interested in our dual study program at DHBW or Hft and would like to get a taste of practical experience before starting your studies? With our internship prior to your studies, you will gain important professional experience.

    That doesn’t quite fit in with your concept? Please contact us via the contact field below and we will find an individual solution that suits you.



    Dual and part-time studies

    Are you about to finish school and are you interested in business and/or IT?

    We offer you the opportunity to combine theory and practice in a part-time degree course in Business Informatics at the DHBW Stuttgart. You will get to know the entire spectrum of consulting and be part of an SAP banking project. And at the end of your studies, you will be seamlessly taken on as a (Junior) Consultant.

    Do you have a mathematical background? We also offer dual Bachelor’s degree programs in mathematics at the Hft Stuttgart. Interested? Feel free to contact us using the contact field below.

    Work-study program

    During or at the beginning of your studies, you will have the opportunity to put your acquired knowledge into practice at ADWEKO. We regularly offer student traineeships in various specialist areas.

    Procedure: As part of a team of consultants, you will get to know the consulting world with its challenging and varied activities and support the project teams in their daily work. This will give you an insight into practical work that is closely linked to the content of your studies. You will also make important business contacts and get to know ADWEKO as a company.

    Master's program


    Have you completed your Bachelor’s degree or are you about to? Are you in two minds as to whether a Master’s degree or a career start would be the right choice? Then combine the two at ADWEKO.

    Get in touch with us and let us find out together which model suits you best and is compatible with the work of a Junior Consultant.


    Have you already gained practical experience after your Bachelor’s degree?

    We offer annual Master’s degree programs in cooperation with the DHBW Stuttgart. You will find current vacancies directly attached.



    Are you about to complete your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and interested in writing your thesis on current topics in the analytical banking and insurance sector? Then you’ve come to the right place! We are always on the lookout for innovative and forward-looking topics. Whether data quality management, FPSL, IT security, big data or SAP HANA, inspire us with your ideas!

    We support students who have the courage and drive to bring new ideas to ADWEKO. Simply contact us and tell us about your topic.



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