ADWEKO Integrate for FSDM & BSM

With ADWEKO Integrate for FSDM & BSM you combine the internationally successful solution in the context of Risk, Treasury and Finance from F.I.S. with the innovative data platform for financial institutions from SAP Fioneer.

ADWEKO Integrate for FSDM & BSM

At ADWEKO we integrate the internationally successful solution for total bank management from F.I.S. with the innovative data platform for financial institutions FSDP from SAP Fioneer. Balance Sheet Manager solves problems by creating a comprehensive, modular, enterprise-scalable, fully integrated platform that delivers transparent, analytical, and rapidly repeatable processes with integrated data management and modeling, and in a unified manner.

To cover all functional areas and requirements, we offer you in the implementation:

Standardized integration
  • Ready-to-use mapping of FSDM and BSM data models
  • Fully tested interface
  • Central contact for data delivery/integration (FSDM serves the risk)
  • Competence through partnerships (SAP/FIS/ADWEKO)
Low implementation costs

Your integration effort in all project phases (from conception to implementation and testing to GoLive) is significantly reduced. The pre-configuration, documentation & test data are delivery components of the adapter.

Maintenance & removal in one package!
  • SLA support
  • Coordinated release process in direct dependence on the surrounding systems (FSDM, Balance Sheet Manager)
  • Establishment of quality through standardization and planned use by multiple customers


FIS® Balance Sheet Manager is a comprehensive balance sheet management solution that provides banks with the tools they need to meet growing market and regulatory pressures.

With its expandability and available customization options, ADWEKO Integrate offers a high degree of flexibility. Numerous adjustment screws enable the customer to take into account individual circumstances within the interface. The fact that development is limited to HANA artifacts and that there is close integration with the SAP standard offers the advantage of being able to adhere to proven SAP Fioneer best practices

Balance Sheet Manager can calculate both internal scenarios (e.g. risk appetite, reverse stress tests, etc.) and scenarios defined by regulators, such as the EBA stress test, to derive capital under stress conditions. The highly configurable time-band structure functionality allows banks to flexibly categorize sensitivities and outcomes into the time bands required by regulators. The filter functionality allows to switch between different result views (e.g. economic view vs. balance sheet view).

The challenge intensifies with the requirement to conduct stress tests of varying scope. Within the IRRBB/CSRBB framework, all interest rate and credit spread sensitive positions as well as off-balance sheet positions are considered, thus focusing on the economic view from a risk management perspective. This is a different approach from firm-wide stress testing, which includes accounting categories, while only fair valued positions (via PnL and OCI) are included for market risk and non-traded market risk positions are included only for on-balance sheet positions (amortized cost positions are not stressed), which is in contrast to the IRRBB/CSRBB view of regulatory capital (capital supply perspective), which evaluates capital depletion under stress and reverse stress testing.





Individual reporting made easy

Project your earnings into the future


  • Consideration of all entities (partners, contracts, collateral, market data) required for risk management and regulatory reporting in BSM
  • Use of comprehensive standard mappings to integrate the FSDP and BSM data models, which can be flexibly extended
  • Consideration of the versioning and historization of the FSDM
  • Individually expandable thanks to a modular and user-friendly interface design
  • Performance-optimized data processing through the use of native SAP HANA 2.0 technologies
  • Use of current HANA technology to transform the data
  • Maintenance and further development with focus on SAP FSDM and Wolters Kluwer BSM
BSM target architecture


ADWEKO and F.I.S. work together to integrate BalanceSheetManager for ALM, liquidity risk, credit risk and impairment into the customer’s overall banking system. We take care of the implementation of a standardized interface between the business data model of SAP Fioneer FSDP and BalanceSheetManager, so that you can start with business tests immediately. Our experience and best practices from the integration of BSM and comparable systems at banks enable the transfer of the customer-specific portfolio into a standard-capable solution. A comprehensive understanding of the risk-relevant source and result data ensures redundancy-free data management in the central data store.


You can also find exciting field reports directly from the development of our ADWEKO Integrate for FSDM & BSM on our ADWEKO Blog.

Download the ADWEKO Integrate for FSDM & BSM overview for free now!

We at ADWEKO support you with consulting services for the implementation of the FIS solution in terms of:

*Data integration with ADWEKO Integrate for BalanceSheetManager based on SAP Fioneer FSDM,
*Data integration from other data sources via ADWEKO Integrate (“Any DB approach”)

and are always available to answer any questions on the subject of risk management.
We help you to optimize and automate the risk management processes in your company.

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