SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) is a native SAP HANA calculation engine that can be used to perform and manage complex calculations, rules, and simulations. Without a predefined data model, it is very flexible and allows complex calculations to be made for a wide range of business areas with minimal IT effort.

SAP PaPM enables banks and insurance companies to develop complex yet flexible models, logics and functions to perform calculations and analyses in real time. Results can be viewed at the most granular level of the individual contract. In addition, data is provided in real time and simulation of parameter changes and graphical validation options are possible.

When creating a model, different function types are placed on top of each other like building blocks. Each individual function can be adapted according to the requirements. A typical model structure can be found on the left.


The ADWEKO PaPM regression tester specializes in your complex testing needs for SAP PaPM – it provides automated and complete function-level result matching that enables regression testing within environments, across environments, and across systems.

  • Complete environments can be tested at the earliest possible stage – on the development system by the developer himself

  • The solution starts the functions to be compared, measures their runtime, compares the results of the functions and outputs the deviations.

ADWEKO has several PaPM experts who have extensive experience in architecture issues, project management and implementations as project managers. We also have a scalable number of developers, consultants and junior consultants to provide PaPM teams as per the requirements. Our consultants are available for projects in Germany as well as for international projects.

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