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ADWEKO is your expert for state-of-the art project management and offers practical and proven approaches to project management in both classic and agile projects. In doing so, we are committed to operational excellence.

Whether classical project management, agile approach or hybrid project approach – ADWEKO is an expert for contemporary project management. In the choice of methodology, we are always guided by our customers’ questions with a clear focus on implementation. Together with our customers we have designed the ADWEKO PEx project framework to ensure your project success. Our customers thus benefit from a significant minimization of costs and risks in the realization of projects.

Due to our high level of expertise, we are also able to offer a fixed price for a project.
For you, this means a high degree of calculation security.


Based on the experience of numerous customer projects, we have developed the ADWEKO Project Excellence Project Framework (ADWEKO PEx) together with our customers. The framework includes a toolset for choosing the project approach and methodologies with a clear focus on successful implementation and transition.

ADWEKO Project Excellence
ADWEKO Project Excellence

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ADWEKO has many years of expertise in managing projects and programs (multi-project management) from small projects to C-level programs. Thanks to our methodological competence and extensive expertise in project management tools (e.g. Atlassian Jira and Confluence, MS, Projects, etc.), we can efficiently set up, manage and successfully complete both classic and agile projects and programs. Since, in addition to methodological competence, addressee-oriented communication is a key factor for successful management of projects and programs, we always place great emphasis on proactive and transparent communication with our clients in our engagements. Through this close coordination, we minimize risks and ensure the success of the project.


The PEx Project Health Check is a structured analysis within the framework of a project review and provides detailed information about what is happening in a project. In this process, all problems are recorded and an initial assessment is made as to whether your project management framework maps the essential functions and whether the associated processes are being used or applied. In addition, we present the areas or issues where action is needed to ensure project success. Finally, you will receive a structured Project Health Check Checklist, which is structured according to logical aspects and can be used in a common project review. This allows you to survey and evaluate the important aspects of the project and gain certainty about the best way to proceed.


Fixed-price projects offer certainty on results and effort for the customer. ADWEKO notes a significant increase in such requests. Fixed prices place high demands on all parties involved and are not equally suitable for every subject. Scope, deliverables, and contributory services, as well as a payment schedule tied to them, must be defined in advance in greater detail than in projects on a time-and-materials basis. Change requests must be lean, legally compliant, and produce results quickly. The ADWEKO PEx fixed price service offers a toolset of templates and checklists from the initial validation of whether a fixed price is suitable for the project, through detailed contract components, change requests, to project monitoring and the final invoice.


If required, we can provide project and program management training from our extensive training portfolio. Depending on your needs, we offer both general basic training on project management and specialized training, for example on program management for experienced project managers. Participants benefit from a good mix of theoretical content and practical exercises as well as our many years of expertise. We offer both face-to-face and remote training.

Part of the Project Management of the X1F Group

ADWEKO PEx benefits from the collaboration within the X1F Group via the project Manager Community “Center of Excellence” (CoE). The goal of this virtual organizational unit is best practices Group-wide for our customers from different industries and to act as catalysts for innovation, knowledge sharing innovation, knowledge exchange in the Group.Through this network, in addition to our core business, we also have access to special topics and current innovations from various industries.

The CoEs are based on X1F‘s portfolio strategy, which uses the T-model to describe the competencies of group members. They focus on specific topics such as SAP Technology Consulting, Cloud & Infrastructure, Data Analytics, Security, Engineering and IT Project Management. They serve as catalysts for innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration within the Group.



Our customers benefit from the CoEs through tailored solutions, innovative services and products, and high service quality. The combined expertise and extensive knowledge of our employees enable us to respond precisely to the needs and challenges of our customers. We stay on the cutting edge of technology and employ best practices to deliver excellence and provide an outstanding service experience.

By working closely together, we understand their requirements and provide them with best-in-class solutions. Our goal is to add real value and competitive advantage to our customers so they can be successful.


Our successes are manifold, both individually and in cooperation with sister companies and subsidiaries. Employees in the CoEs continuously develop their expertise and skills to provide customers with innovative solutions. Collaboration with other companies and research institutions has broadened our horizons and enabled us to benefit from the experience and know-how of our partners.

By bundling competencies and interdisciplinary cooperation, we have been able to develop effective solutions that offer real added value for our customers. Because project excellence is best achieved together.

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