ADWEKO Application Data Copy Tool For Bank Analyzer

The ADWEKO application data copy tool for SAP Bank Analyzer, in short ADWEKO act.

ADWEKO act makes it possible to transfer complete contract constellations from one Bank Analyzer system to another in order to support developers during implementation and testing with production-related data sets. The data to be transferred can be anonymized and manually checked before transfer.

Reduce your effort to manage and create test data by 80%

Increase test coverage many times over

Mask and anonmize your data and duplicate it at the touch of a button


In customer projects and in operation, developers often do not have suitable data constellations available in SAP Bank Analyzer to test newly developed functions or error corrections. This often leads to additional correction and transport cycles before a release can be issued for the production system. Manual capture of original data constellations in the development and test systems is often not an alternative, as this is very time-consuming and error-prone due to extensive dependencies between the contract objects.


    • Automated compilation of test data portfolios based on contract characteristics and key figures and updating at the push of a button
    • Transfer of test data: You select individual data sets or test portfolios and the add-on transfers these test transactions including all relevant dependencies.
    • Multiple anonymization functions for data masking and data protection compliance
    • Authorization check and logging: Each data transfer is authorization-checked and logged for traceability.


    • Test data creation for regular regression tests from production and reference test systems
    • Transfer of single data test sets on development and test systems for re-enactment and correction of production errors
    • Test data supply of systems without data delivery (development systems, when adapting data delivery routes, sandbox systems, etc.)

      The add-on is compatible with the following SAP systems:
      SAP Bank Analyzer (as of Release 8.0), SAP Finance & Risk Data Platform, SAP Financial Product Subledger, or SAP Insurance Analyzer; or users of the modules: SAP sAFI, SAP AFI, SAP CRA, SAP IRR/RRA, SAP PA.

      All ADWEKO add-ons are available in German and English by default, allow the design of a differentiated authorization check and are modularly structured for (customer-specific) extension possibilities.


      ADWEKO act is used at NORD/LB as a basis for efficient tests in the context of the introduction of the AFI subledger scenario.

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