ADWEKO Control for HANA Data Warehouses

With ADWEKO Control for HANA Data Warehouses you get a fully comprehensive solution that controls the data supply of your HANA data warehouse, ensures quality and offers extensive customization options for post-processing if required.

    ADWEKO data warehouse manager for HANA is now ADWEKO Control for HANA Data Warhouses

    The ADWEKO Control for HANA Data Warehouses is a necessary and user-friendly addition to the deployment of a modern data platform on SAP HANA technology and enables convenient and long-term efficient operation.

    You save time and money because the search for incorrect data is no longer necessary.

    You minimize costs because system crashes due to data inconsistencies are avoided.

    You meet deadlines for submitting internal and external reports because of system stability based on data quality assurance


    In the HANA Data Warehouse, all loaded data records are immediately available to every user – even if the data is incorrect. This is because loading does not automatically ensure that all dependent data objects are complete and that the loaded data complies with the specifications. Without checking during loading, analytical systems therefore access erroneous data, as a result of which downstream processes are also erroneous. This results in considerable time and costs to correct these results. Data quality problems must therefore be identified, monitored and rectified in accordance with the specifications before loading.


      ADWEKO Control for HANA Data Warehouses orchestrates all loading processes as a central building block in data delivery. All data is checked for consistency and quality before it is loaded into the data warehouse. With the user-friendly and clear monitoring cockpit, you can view the status and quality of the loading and intervene if necessary. The software takes over the task of load control and provides all the tools for checking, measuring and correcting the data. In complex data integration scenarios, this is the only way to obtain a comprehensive view of which data is available to all your customers and in what quality. You control the quality yourself.


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      Based on the dependencies in the data model, the Load Control component independently controls the order in which the respective data records must be loaded into the individual tables of the HANA Data Warehouse in order to avoid inconsistencies in the data. The dependencies of the data records on each other are taken into account – only when all necessary data records are available are they loaded into SAP HANA. Furthermore, data records with missing information are also recognized and not passed on. The same procedure is used for incorrect data records. The errors can be viewed in the Load Monitoring component and corrected with the Data Quality Management component.


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      The Loading Monitoring component aims to determine the status of all data loadings and make them available to the recipients. To achieve this, a data integration layer is generated for the HANA data warehouse, whose interfaces for the ETL tools hardly differ from the interfaces of the existing loading mechanisms – only functions for the loading control described above are added. During data delivery, all loadings are logged and the corresponding evaluation is stored in the HANA Data Warehouse in the form of a virtual datamart. The information is prepared and made available clearly with the help of SAP UI5. Based on this information, the business users can be informed about the status of the data relevant to them and perform the necessary actions based on this information.


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      The Data Quality Management component will provide you with a comprehensive range of tools with which it will be possible to carry out corrections of identified data quality deficiencies via functional release processes.


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      Data quality monitoring allows you to derive quality criteria from the data model and to store customer-specific rules against which the data is checked in the integration layer. Business users can configure their own data quality checking rules and use them to perform data quality measurements. The results are displayed in a clear and user-friendly manner.


      Our solution basically uses the data model of the HANA data warehouse to automatically generate all HANA artifacts that relate to the customer-specific characteristics of the data model in the data warehouse. This not only saves implementation effort, but also ensures that subsequent enhancements to the data model and tables in the HANA Data Warehouse are directly reflected in all components of the platform. This is a key building block for stable operation, minimal maintenance and cost-effective expansion of your systems.

      Highlights: Automation of load control, Identify & correct erroneous or incomplete data, Intuitive and comprehensive data quality measurement tools.

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