ADWEKO Integrate for FSDM

ADWEKO universal adapter is now ADWEKO Integrate for FSDM

ADWEKO Integrate for FSDM is a full-featured framework that provides all interfaces for the customized integration of analytical and regulatory applications on top of the
(Financial Service Data Platform).


SAP FSDM on HANA is used, which includes the interface architecture in addition to the data model.


Developed with the know-how from our implementation projects.


Use best-practice features to integrate your financial services software to SAP FSDM

Architecture of the ADWEKO Universal Adapter


The ADWEKO Integrate for FSDM includes ready-tested, standardized HANA components for direct use in your integration scenario. Components include:


  • GUI-based configuration of mappings within the adapter and between systems
  • Custom extensibility of data structures via Nocode approach
  • Extensive set of content views and mapping functions for standardized reading of entities from SAP FSDP
  • Extensible framework for persisting data to SAP FSDP
  • Overarching support functions and tools, to facilitate the implementation of individual logic
  • Test framework including associated test cases

The ADWEKO Integrate for FSDM is compatible with SAP HANA 2.0 and SAP FSDM. The software solution is available in English as standard and is modular for (customer-specific) expansion options.

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