ADWEKO smart derivation comparator

ADWEKO smart derivation comparator helps you keep track of derivations and keep them consistent. Differences are identified across clients and systems. In addition, information on the person who made the change and the time of the change is displayed.


    to check the derivations according to client copies by 90%.


    and prevent transports of untested changes


    across all your systems and clients

    With this add-on for SAP Accounting Tools ensure consistent derivation rules at the push of a button and compare the complete derivation configuration across systems and clients. In addition, we guarantee a clear presentation of the differences with processor and modification date.


    The SAP derivation logic in SAP Bank Analyzer is very complex and has a large number of steps. Manually ensuring data consistency across different systems / clients and development teams is virtually impossible and very time-consuming.

    Example: When transporting G/L account derivations for new accounts from the pre-production system to the production system, the transport request includes dependent derivations with new feature definitions that were created by another development team and should not go live yet.


    • Test report with input help for desired derivations
    • Output of deviations and changers between clients and/or systems:
      – in the derivation rules & step sequence
      – within the step fields


    • Checking and ensuring the contents of the transport before and after the transport
    • Checking the configuration for system and client copies


    The add-on is compatible with the following SAP systems: SAP Bank Analyzer (as of Release 8.0), SAP Finance & Risk Data Platform, SAP Financial Product Subledger or SAP Insurance Analyzer/ S/4HANA for FPSL; or users of the modules: SAP sAFI, SAP AFI, SAP CRA, SAP IRR/RRA, SAP PA.

    All ADWEKO add-ons are available in German and English by default, allow the design of a differentiated authorization check and are modularly structured for (customer-specific) extension possibilities.

    SAP Plugin to Plug & Play – no configuration required.

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