Within the scope of our technical and professional expertise, we cover a wide range of systems and solutions.

Our colleagues look back on numerous projects and accompany you competently from the evaluation and conception of the right architecture and software to the implementation and user training.

    As technical experts, we support you reliably and with the highest level of expertise and develop technologies proactively and future-proof. We tailor our services specifically to your customer’s needs and can adapt them to the general conditions over the entire term of the contract.



    Precise information when it matters most.

    Power BI is a business analysis service from Microsoft. The goal is to provide interactive visualizations and business analysis capabilities with an interface so simple that end users can create their own reports and dashboards.


    Data & analysis strategies always at your fingertips.

    With QLIK SENSE, all your data and analysis strategies are always at hand. Go from raw data to data-driven enterprise with QLIK SENSE and democratize business intelligence in your organization with a modern end-to-end approach.


    Scalable, reliable and highly available.

    Kafka is a scalable, reliable and highly available platform that can achieve high throughput. Therefore, applications that use Kafka are decoupled from each other and communicate only through these Kafka topics. Because messages can be persisted in Kafka, messages that are written faster than they are read can be retrieved and processed later.


    Create, manage and control software robots. RPA offers numerous benefits across many different industries and organizations. ADWEKO helps you to unfold your potentials through tailor-made RPA solutions. The RPA bots enable the use and interpretation of existing IT applications, as well as transaction processing, data processing and communication across multiple IT systems.


    Existing processes and structures are critically analyzed, evaluated and reconsidered so that a modernization of the entire company can take place.

    Business Process Automation can play a key role here and provide the preliminary work for successful Robotic Process Automation.

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