ADWEKO Control for PaPM

Our solution enables reconciliation of result data after any change, maximum test coverage with minimum effort in the shortest possible time and ensuring high data quality.

ADWEKO PaPM regression tester is now ADWEKO Control for PaPM

The ADWEKO Control for PaPM reduces your testing efforts in SAP PaPM to a minimum. With just a few clicks you can perform a full regression test of your PaPM environment. Thanks to the use of SAP HANA in-memory technology, test execution takes place in the shortest possible time. This allows you to achieve maximum test coverage with minimum effort while ensuring high data quality.





With SAP PaPM, users can perform complex calculations, simulations and allocations with high granularity. This can create large amounts of data – even on development and test environments. When changes are made to SAP PaPM, complete PaPM environments are often transported in practice. SAP regularly provides Support Packages for this purpose. In addition, there are customer-specific further developments in SAP PaPM. This means there are many quality assurance requirements for testing.

PaPM regression tester


ADWEKO Control for PaPM is used in SAP PaPM implementation projects and further development processes, for SAP PaPM updates and the import of SAP Notes and bug fixes. The add-on is compatible with SAP HANA 2.0 and SAP Performance and Profitability Management. All ADWEKO Add-Ons are available in German and English language by default and are modular for (customer specific) extension possibilities.


  • Comparisons of result data between individual functions or complete environments, within a system or across systems
  • Display of deviations on function level incl. Runtime changes
  • Export possibility of the test results
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Quick installation “out of the box

ADWEKO also has several PaPM experts who have extensive experience in architecture issues, project management and implementations as project managers. A scalable number of developers, consultants and junior consultants form PaPM teams according to the requirements for national and international projects.


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