Regulatory APPS & add-ons

Our apps and add-ons incorporate our extensive know-how, are intuitive to use, quick to implement and require no additional hardware.

    Our add-ons are designed to run quickly and do not involve large implementation projects. We also offer complete implementation, including customized consulting and configuration, so that you can access the new functions quickly. Your internal resources are only put under minimal strain. If desired, also stress-free at a fixed price.

    All ADWEKO add-ons are available in German and English as standard, enable the design of a differentiated authorization check and have a modular structure for (customer-specific) expansion options.

    Buy a convenient solution, not a major new project!

    We take care of implementation, service and support as well as further development and cover your project in its entirety.

    Björn von Staden

    Senior Manager, ADWEKO Consulting GmbH

    Contract Modifications

    Automated, reliable and IFRS 9-compliant modification of financial contracts:

    In addition to the assessment of significance based on qualitative and quantitative criteria (incl. present value test), the focus is on the correct determination of derecognition or modification results and documentation requirements.

    Impairment Solution

    ECL-compliant step allocation and risk provision calculation in accordance with IFRS9:

    The data is imported from your SAP FAM system into the add-on, the impairment level and risk provision are calculated and temporarily stored and only then transferred for posting in the SAP standard.

    Smart Derivation Comparator

    ADWEKO smart derivation comparator helps you to maintain an overview of derivations and keep them consistent. Differences are determined across clients and systems.

    In addition, information on the person making the change and the time of the change is displayed.

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