In finance and accounting, SAP is one of the leading providers with its S/4 HANA platform. S/4 offers the possibility to merge many processes in the area of accounting, controlling, planning, consolidation and closing on one platform. For banks and insurance companies we have developed a reference architecture on the part of ADWEKO. The reference architecture is based on best practices and is continuously updated and developed.

A transformation of the financial sector aims to standardize processes, simplify architectures, increase the degree of automation and create maximum transparency in financial data. We help our clients to realize these goals in order to increase competitiveness with the help of an efficient finance organization. The goal is to derive the future target image of the financial architecture from the comparison of the reference architecture and the actual architecture by means of a structured procedure.

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When implementing the requirements, we take into account not only individual functional and technical tasks, but also the entire architecture.

Cord Bötger

managing director, ADWEKO Consulting GmbH


    • Potential analysis from the comparison of reference and actual architecture
    • Valuation from options arising from S/4
    • Decision template taking into account qualitative and quantitative criteria
    • Roadmap and process model for the transformation project
    • Benefit analysis and business case of the transformation
    • Consideration of relevant practical experience from comparable transformation projects in order to benefit as a “smart follower” from lessons learned

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