Every company wants to have effective HR management. Few can make their decisions based on the actual facts. Why? You don’t know any better! What’s happening? The competition is running away from them soon! Get more out of your data. More transparency and more insights for your recruiting process with the help of our reporting solution.


    Every company has enough data to make rational decisions. However, the data is available in different systems and can only be prepared and evaluated at the given time with an enormous manual effort.

    The solution is to know the right KPIs. To create the appropriate data basis for this and to have everything ready at the push of a button in an optimal presentation. On this basis, the right decisions can be made.

    “Adweko built our reporting dashboard very quickly after good consultation. We had some individual requests, which have also been developed and implemented for us quickly and satisfactorily. During the implementation, queries or problems have always been handled very competently and friendly, the cooperation is efficient and extremely pleasant.”

    Anna Elsberger, Specialist Talent Acquisition, HAVI Logistics GmbH

    “The collaboration with Adweko was a complete success – at all times, our individual requirements for the dashboard were implemented quickly and in a solution-oriented manner. In a very short time, a comprehensive dashboard with our recruiting metrics was created, so that from now on we can invest more time in measure development instead of data collection. Thank you very much for the great cooperation!”

    Malena Romahn, Human Resources Division, Facility management Schleswig-Holstein AöR

    “In order to continue to recruit properly as the number of applicants increases, we needed an HR analytics solution. The reporting for this had to be available and implemented quickly. ADWEKO made this happen for us – within 10 days, the reporting was live and we could get started right away!”

    Lilian Doelzer, HR Business Partner, SCHIESSER GmbH

    “My ADWEKO dashboard enables me not only to gain insights into our complex world of key figures, but also to recognize valuable correlations, interpret them accordingly and derive actions from them.”

    Kai Viakofsky,Personnel officer at Impuls Soziales Management


    Within the framework of the implementation, we at ADWEKO rely on our proven process model. It does not matter whether you have already decided on a BI solution together with your IT or whether the decision is still pending.

    Within the following steps our colleagues will support you:

    • Initial requirements analysis with regard to the solution to be introduced
    • Provision of a decision document
    • Licensing of the selected solution
    • Conducting a joint requirements workshop based on an example dashboard (“blueprint”) and subsequent adaptation of the KPIs and representations
    • Handover and Go Live of the solution
    • Transfer to the ADWEKO cooperation model


    The use of our ADWEKO “blueprint” has established itself in the creation and implementation of HR reporting.

    The basis for the requirements analysis is a sample dashboard, which can be used to express wishes and adaptation requirements.

    It provides a rough idea of what the solution may look like when completed and what capabilities the tool brings to the table.


    • Support in the selection of an appropriate solution, through data modeling and integration to the enablement of users
    • Individually tailored project essay depending on your reporting requirements and packaging of the solution
    • Out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed in a few hours and delivers initial insights at a fixed price
    • Connection of your (HR) systems to the existing reporting solution
    • Operation of the solution for minor and major adjustments
    • Further development of your HR reporting
    • Individually tailored project essay depending on your reporting requirements and packaging of the solution






    Our out-of-the-box solution provides you with an overview of your recruiting and HR data. The standard product can be implemented at your company within a few hours without any major effort and provides you with ad-hoc initial information on, for example, the number of your applications in the last month, the development of the rejection rate or the origin of your applications.

    Enriched with additional data and data sources, you gradually obtain a 360-degree view of your HR data and activities. Manual creation efforts for the regular provision of KPIs or reports are no longer necessary and can be retrieved at any time and fully automated.

    In close cooperation with our partner d.vinci Recruiting, we designed a reporting solution that provides you with more transparency, more insights and less effort. Get more out of your data with the help of our reporting solution!


    We support you from the requirements analysis, the development of suitable KPIs, the appropriate dashboard, the data modeling and integration to the training of your end users and power users. In doing so, our colleagues bring both the technical expertise within leading BI tools as well as the professional know-how within the scope of your HR processes.

    Trust our many years of experience.

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