At ADWEKO’s Business Consulting, our goal is to support you with innovation and value creation as part of your digital transformation, especially in your core business, retail and commercial banking.

In retail and commercial banking, the current diverse challenges present a demanding market environment. Rising regulatory pressures and increasing competition, coupled with uncertain markets and shrinking margins, are making it more difficult to develop sustainable financial and investment practices.

Creating operational efficiencies via well-positioned end-to-end digitization requires agile and holistic thinking. In IT and financial transformations, ADWEKO accompanies you in an implementation-oriented manner in order to jointly develop integrative solutions for retail and commercial banking in line with your requirements.

Commercial Banking

In ADWEKO’s commercial banking we offer you support along the credit delivery chain, from credit initiation to core banking and financial reporting:


  • Introduction of new credit systems
  • Transformation into new bank control or system architectures
  • Optimization of credit initiation and decision-making processes
  • Answering credit-related and regulatory questions in Finance
  • Process automation along the credit delivery route and implementation of data quality measures

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