Actico provides the ideal basis for translating business decision-making processes into technical workflows using a visual modeling approach. These can then be integrated fully automatically or as part of a workflow into the company processes and thus contribute to further digitization in your company.

ADWEKO and actico maintain a professional partnership with the goal of supporting the introduction of the platform in your company and jointly developing use cases. From the recording of your processes, the models are thus created, the use of which then takes place in the context of daily work. A change of your business model is facilitated and significantly accelerated by visual modeling in a decisive way. This contributes greatly to your company’s competitiveness and responsiveness. This is done with the inclusion of the following aspects:

Decisions in real time

Mapping of partially or fully automated processes
with the inclusion of AI technology

Efficiency increase

Significant reduction in manual effort
and raising efficiencies


Significant increase
the traceability


The credit decision solution, which can be integrated into the central banking functions as a pre-designed solution based on the actico platform. The openness of the processes mapped there allows any adjustments to be made to your house-specific features without losing the overview.

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