Design and implementation of cost allocation in PaPM.


  • Solution Architect
  • Developer

Planning & Documentation

  • Recording of customer requirements and transfer to functional requirements
  • Documentation of functional and technical requirements
  • Test support

Design & Implementation

  • The previous cost allocation process is to be transferred to PaPM.
  • The data input is provided by S/4 HANA, the calculation is executed in PaPM and the results are posted to the general ledger (actual data) or written back to S/4 (plan data)
  • Distribution of costs in PaPM from the ACDOCA table.
  • Different assignment levels:
    • Level 1: Corporate Benefit Accounts -> Departments,
    • Level 2: Departments -> Product line,
    • Level 3: Product line -> Product
  • ADWEKO is responsible for the design, implementation and testing in PaPM

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