Design and implementation of a planning tool incl. Allocations in PaPM, based on the customers current solution in Excel.


  • Solution Architect
  • PaPM Lead
  • Developer
  • Business Analyst

Planning & Documentation

  • Develop roadmap for project planning; create JIRA stories for sprint planning.
  • Intake of requirements and transmission into functional solutions, including technical translation (from Excel to PaPM)
  • Documentation of functional and technical requirements
  • Training of internal employees

Design & Implementation

  • The planning tool is for planning of costs, including staff costs
  • Among others, the following components are implemented in PaPM:
    • Data enrichment: subsequent corrections of data from ACDOCA
    • Staff cost planning and depreciation planning of investments
    • Cost center report including forecast
  • Planning for up to 4 successive years shall be possible with inclusion of simulations and various scenarios
  • ADWEKO is responsible for the design and implementation of the planning tool in PaPM
  • The user interface will be displayed in FIORI, where the user will record data and launch PaPM runs

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