Design and implementation of cost allocation based on customer derivation logic
and requirements.


  • Solution Architect
  • PaPM Lead
  • Developer
  • Business Analyst

Planning & Documentation

  • Development of a roadmap for implementation and project planning
  • Recording of customer requirements and transfer to functional requirements
  • Documentation of functional and technical requirements
  • Training of internal employees
  • Creation of a user guide

Design & Implementation

  • The customer planned to change the data supply (change from a stand-alone solution to integrated BW/4HANA). Design an architecture to enable changes in data supply without changing the complete PaPM model
  • Data storage in SAP BW/4HANA, calculation in SAP PaPM
  • Solution design and implementation of a highly flexible, dynamic allocation (drivers and allocation order can be changed without model adjustment) to provide results with the highest granularity
  • Use of additional HANA views for complex logic
  • Creation of various reports based on allocation results (profit & loss, bundles, margins, etc. …)

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