Design and Implementation of a calculation for fondsplanning (with regards to financing Assets) in PaPM, based on the customer‘s existing solution in MS Excel.


  • Solution Architect
  • PaPM Lead
  • Developer
  • Business Analyst

Planning & Documentation

  • Creating a Roadmap to facilitate project planning; Creating a sprint-plan to facilitate the implementation
  • Structuring the requirements and transforming them into a functional solution, incl. a technical translation (Excel to PapM)
  • Documenting the functional and technical requirements
  • Training of the customer’s employees with regards to PaPM

Design & Implementation

  • Fondsplanning describes how assets (e.g. wind turbines) are being financed using equity and shareholder loan by different holdings.
  • The customer wants to implement the calculation with regards to fondsplanning (which were so far done by MS Excel), in PaPM, in order to gain more flexibility with regards to adding new assets and/or holdings.
  • Designing and implementing a step-wsie, cashflow-based calculation, in order to forcast future cashflows with regards to interest payment and repayment of equity und shareholder loan.
  • Creating a variets of reportings based on the result of the calculation (Profit & Loss, Income Statement, Balance Sheet).

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