Our recap of the FIS ALM SUMMIT 2023

FIS and ADWEKO are linked by a young, but strongly rooted and successful partnership.

ADWEKO has been an integral part of theFIS ALM Summitin Frankfurt. And we were there again this year! In addition to exciting expert contributions from the areas of treasury/ALM, risk management, overall bank management and ESG, this was the ideal opportunity for personal exchange and networking with our partners and customers.

FIS Global

The wide range of expert contributions highlighted the current dynamics in the financial sector and, in particular, the increasing trends in the context of treasury/ALM, risk management, overall bank management and ESG aspects. Financial institutions are increasingly seeking to optimize their capital allocation and risk management by linking these key areas. The pursuit of sustainable financial performance goes hand in hand with a growing awareness of environmental impact, social responsibility and effective governance. The current discourse focuses on how banks and financial service providers are adapting their business models to integrate ESG criteria, while at the same time increasing efficiency in the areas of treasury, ALM, risk management and overall bank management.

This holistic approach reflects the desire to make financial activities not only profitable, but also sustainable and socially responsible.

In the midst of constant cost pressure, financial institutions are faced with the challenge of designing more efficient operating models and addressing internal and external risk factors more than ever before. IT is increasingly taking center stage here: appropriate tools and processes create the agility and responsiveness to adapt to changing market conditions and prevent risks.

The examples at the ALM Summit impressively demonstrated how current crisis hotspots, the ECB’s interest rate policy and other internal and external risk factors have a direct impact on risk provisioning, the business model and the short to medium-term strategy of financial institutions. Having a comprehensive view of the issues at all times, recognizing trends at an early stage and reacting accordingly remain key to sustainable success.


Participation in the FIS ALM Summit 2023 was an extremely enriching experience for ADWEKO. The event not only offered a first-class platform for networking, but also provided in-depth insights into current developments and challenges in the areas of asset liability management (ALM), treasury, risk management and overall bank management.

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