Successful introduction of xRay
How we optimized our software tests for our customers

The project is in full swing. All requirements have been defined, documented and handed over to the developers. The latter’s fingers are already starting to smoke because of the complexity of the issues that need to be accurately typed into the customized solution.

And then the chaos begins: test, test, test. But where is the test? Why is the number of defects so high? Are there any more of these glitches and anyway… Which test cases are they linked to, which requirements do they belong to and by when will the tests be completed?

Could someone shed some light on this, please?

We have succeeded in doing so: With the introduction of the test management tool xRay for Jira, we were able to light up a few light bulbs. But first, we’d like to take a more objective look at the problems that some of our customers are struggling with.

xRay for Jira

Challenges in test management

The financial services industry places high demands on a test management tool in order to meet the complex and strict regulatory requirements. An effective tool must therefore be able to fulfill a wide range of requirements. These include, among others

  • Documentation and traceability
  • Efficient test case management
  • Integration with existing tools
  • Reporting and metrics
  • Scalability and flexibility

Fulfilling these requirements is crucial in order to carry out efficient and high-quality software tests. From program and project management to the specialist department to the test manager and all testers and developers, it should be clear where you stand, what still needs to be done and what measures are necessary for successful project completion.

In short: the tool should serve as a control instrument and illuminate the test process to date, the current status, but also the path still to be traveled.

With xRay for Jira, we have found and introduced the right test management tool to meet these complex requirements.

Why xRay?

With xRay, we were able to ensure one thing above all: The consistent and transparent mapping of the entire chain.

xRay Chain

The seamless integration with Jira, the already established project management tool, allowed us to manage our testing activities directly in our existing Jira workflow, ensuring traceability between requirements, test cases and defects, thus avoiding duplication, inconsistencies and system upheaval.

In addition, xRay offers a wide range of functions for the efficient management and execution of tests in a familiar layout. The tester can create, organize and manage test cases intuitively and routinely. We have also created options for categorizing and prioritizing test cases according to various criteria. We have also defined fixed specifications so that all relevant information is entered and available in a structured manner.

However, all this is only worth half as much if there is no transparency about the various test plans and test cycles and the status can practically only be determined using the formula “𝛑 multiplied by 🤙🏽”. To replace the flickering flashlight with the floodlight, we configured xRay so that changes were always traceable and we could display the test progress in real time, accurate to the second.

With individual project-specific reports, it was possible to view test progress, the error rate and other metrics at any time. This enabled us to identify bottlenecks, highlight potential for improvement and make data-based, well-founded decisions with the test reports containing real-time data.

Our success stories as well as the positive experiences of other companies and customers in the industry confirm our decision to use xRay.


Overall, xRay proved to be the ideal solution for our test management requirements and has made a significant contribution to optimizing our customers’ software tests. We have been able to increase efficiency, improve the quality of IT systems and achieve better collaboration between teams. Thanks to xRay, our customers are better equipped to meet the high demands and regulatory requirements of the financial services industry.

Are you also facing the challenge of introducing an efficient test management tool?
We will be happy to help you shed light on the dark so that you too can meet all regulatory requirements and also increase the efficiency and quality of your software tests.

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