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Want the latest regulatory updates on a silver platter? Nothing easier than that!


    matrix AG, the FSP GmbH, the e2 Security and we at ADWEKO have joined forces as sisters of the X1F-Group to combine our expertise and passion for IT-Security in a new newsletter for you. And that’s a good thing! Because in times of high geopolitical tensions, increasing digitalization and ongoing regulatory changes, we are dealing with different challenges around IT security management on a daily basis.

    An increasing risk of cyber attacks, growing dependencies on IT service providers and increased security breaches are almost part of daily business. Experts and regulators agree that IT security is becoming increasingly important, so that regulatory audits and requirements will focus more on this topic. But with all the regulatory changes and provisions, how can you keep an overview and protect yourself at the same time and, above all, in good time?


    With the IT Security Newsletter we offer you an up-to-date and organized monthly overview of regulatory changes and developments in a short format. This summary of the most important news is intended to help you assess your own level of concern. In addition, you are “in tune with the times” and know in advance and in time about regulatory and legal changes and can plan for them.

    In addition, you will find exciting blog posts, articles and white papers on topics such as data security, outsourcing, cloud & co. Process analyses and vulnerability identification are also among the areas that we will highlight here. Enjoy reading!

      matrix technology

      matrix technology is one of the leading specialists for planning, setting up, managing and operating IT for international corporations and medium-sized companies with high demands on their IT.

      As an experienced outsourcing and cloud partner in the regulated environment, matrix has concrete solutions to all BaFin requirements. For example, regularly audited operating processes, redundant data centers and ISO 27001 certification as well as the ISAE Type 2 Report are among the matrix standards in the IT services business.

      ADWEKO Consulting GmbH is a market-leading IT consulting service and software provider. It is characterized by a holistic consulting approach – encompassing feasibility studies, architecture design, implementation, software and managed services.

      Supervisory security management focuses on the protection of information that is processed by or with IT. As ADWEKO we know the pitfalls in IT security management and how to design and implement measures on a project basis.

      Since 2001, FSP GmbH Consulting & IT-Services has been a recognized partner of renowned financial services and industrial companies and stands for professional, IT and methodological competence in the topics:

      • Secure and innovative digitization
      • Holistic Identity & Access Management
      • Project, test and requirements management
      • Insurance consulting

      FSP GmbH offers product-independent consulting and integration of powerful products for Customer Identity & Access Management as well as for Enterprise Identity & Access Management, Role Analytics and Role Mining.

      e2 Security

      e2 Security is an owner-managed IT cybersecurity company based in Bonn. As a medium-sized company, we use a flat management structure to act quickly and highly efficiently – without lengthy communication processes.

      “Say what matters and act fast” is one of our goals and that is why we have been selected by one of the largest leading software and cloud companies to provide professional cloud security services.

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