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That is why a suitable reporting template always makes sense

If you want to optimize and automate your HR reporting, it makes sense to use a standardized reporting template. The necessary HR reporting solution should meet the following requirements
– The solution is based on the same source system that provides the data
– The included key figures cover most of the own requirements
– The template is successfully used at other companies
– The solution is recommended by the manufacturer

The solution is offered for a range of leading analysis software. Among them is also the BI tool used in the own company. For some time now, we have been in contact with internal colleagues in order to optimize our own HR reporting. The question to be weighed up is: Do you need external support at all? Isn’t it enough to pass on the requirements and possibilities of the external offer to the internal colleague, who then implements it independently?

In this article, we would like to give you three important arguments why it makes perfect sense to take up the external offer:

  • Extensive professional and technical experience and tested best practices approaches
  • Very short implementation time and discussion basis with the help of a “Motzvorlage”.
  • Contact with the manufacturer and exchange about new requirements and suggestions

Why reinvent the wheel?

“The wise man learns from the mistakes of others” – Publilius Syrus

During the development phase of our solution, we tested and tried out many things that, in retrospect, turned out to be wrong, erroneous or extremely cumbersome. We had to rethink a lot of things, completely rework them, or find a completely different way to emphasize certain facts.

Benefit from our experience and do not waste time on challenges that We have already mastered.
We have defined all of our key performance indicators in technical terms so that we can use them to control and measure our processes. We live our solution. We use them ourselves and look through the same glasses as operational business users. We benefit from our many years of experience with the pre-system. We maintain certain additional information directly at the source in order to later run a targeted evaluation on the information.

In exchanges with other customers who already use our solution, we were able to gain valuable insights, such as which content is relevant and where individual features should stand out. The resulting offering is an 80% solution that can be customized and optimized for the final 20%. We follow a standardized process model that has proven itself in several projects.

Set off with a kick-start

Our solution is set up in your systems and populated with your data in the shortest possible time. Get started with the first analyses within a few hours and be inspired by our solution!

One of the first steps is to review and touch up the master data maintenance. Use our “error lists” and raise your data quality to a new level. In doing so, We point out information in the source system that is not maintained and link you directly to the place where it can be corrected. Insight to action.

This way you get used to our solution very quickly and can express targeted requirements for the last 20% of your customizations. Experienced consultants on the customer side also benefit from our solution. Nothing stands in the way of a handover to in-house development! Colleagues can examine our solution in depth, while the department conducts initial analyses and shares initial findings. Our experts can advise you on different levels of experience. Be it the initial briefing on the conditions of the software or a detailed explanation of the underlying data model.

You decide what you need and when!

Direct path to development

Through our partnership with the manufacturer, we work very closely with the development department. Our feedback and experiences from the customer project fall on open ears and lead to an interesting exchange. Consolidated requirements from several projects at different customers carry more weight than individual customer-specific requests. This ensures that you always benefit early from new features and eagerly awaited enhancements.

Win-win-win situation for all involved

To summarize: All parties involved can benefit from our template approach. As a customer, you receive comprehensive analysis options as quickly as possible, the manufacturer benefits from constant consolidated feedback and ultimately we benefit from the joint exchange and feedback with you.

Felix Rehm
Head of Business Unit Business Analytics


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