the ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX adapter

It is not uncommon for the use of standard software to require the ability to customize the product to meet individual customer needs. Wolters Kluwer offers various configuration options within OneSumX, which can be used to align the overall bank management according to the customer’s processes and requirements.

SAP, in turn, provides a reference data model within FSDP in the form of Financial Services Data Management, which flexibly serves to map banking content. The deliberately open structure of the reference model makes it possible to map most of the business cases of the financial world over it without any problems.

In the following we will discuss how the ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX Adapter as a standardized integration solution for Wolters Kluwer OneSumX and SAP FSDP accommodates customer-specific extensions and customizations.

Roles and dependencies regarding specific customizations

From a system architecture perspective, OneSumX takes on the role of the presentation layer, clearly defining the scope of data and content relevant for reporting. Requirements for adaptations and extensions are usually primarily triggered at this architecture level and must then be taken into account in FSDP and the adapter. In its function as a data platform, the FSDP takes over the mapping of the content in the form of the FSDM data model. Extensions to the content therefore always take place at this level.

As an interface between the FSDP and OneSumX, the task of the FSDM2OneSumX adapter is to transform the data contained in the content and make it available to OneSumX in the correct form. Conversely, this means that additional data must be transformed and mapped, so that extensions to the logic become necessary.

For enhancements, a top-down or bottom-up principle is a good choice, as these favor a structured approach to adapting the data flow. Enhancements are implemented manually across all levels.

Full extensibility according to SAP methodology

The core functionality of the FSDM2OneSumX Adapter is formed by a complex mapping functionality and logic, which is composed of different table functions, procedures and code lists.

Basically, the adapter is delivered in such a way that it is possible to edit the associated Design-Time HANA artifacts with common SAP tools, thus ensuring full flexibility. If there is a need for adjustments to these components, it is possible at any time to modify previously created copies of the original sources according to requirements. Downstream, only the references to affected HANA artifacts would need to be updated.

The ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX adapter is developed HANA natively and forms its own HDI container along with associated HANA artifacts. The content referenced therein is mapped using the FSDM reference data model, as well as specific views. The enhancement concept for the FSDM data model designed by SAP is transferred to the ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX adapter in this way and remains unrestricted.

Adaptations to the FSDM reference model of the adapter that go beyond the standard can be easily implemented by means of so-called “Customer and Partner Extensions”. The former are intended for the customer. The latter, on the other hand, are used by ADWEKO if the integration of OneSumX requires a mapping of data that has not been or will not be part of the SAP FSDM standard so far. Coexistence of the extensions is perfectly possible and is realized by dedicated namespaces. There are no differences in the implementation.

In addition to the physical, the FSDM data model also provides a conceptual data model (PDM and CDM), and the models are interrelated. To prevent discrepancies between the data models, ADWEKO provides for the delivery of the current PDM and CDM versions including any partner extensions with each release process. The customer is thus offered the possibility to always work on the basis of the content relevant for OneSumX.

Regarding OnesumX specific CDS views within the ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX Adapter, the question of CDM does not arise, since such views are not part of the FSDM reference data model and thus no corresponding CDM exists. However, extensions at this point are possible using common Core Data Services extension techniques.


With its expandability and available customization options, the ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX adapter offers a high degree of flexibility. Numerous adjustment screws enable the customer to take into account individual circumstances within the interface. The fact that the development of the adapter is limited to HANA artifacts and that there is close integration with the SAP standard offers the advantage that the customer can adhere to proven SAP best practices.

Damian Seehrich has more than 10 years of experience in software engineering. His main focus is on the design and development of applications and interfaces using SAPUI5, SAP HANA and ABAP Objects. But technical consulting is also part of his job. Currently, Damian Seehrich is responsible for the technical implementation of a standardized interface between SAP FSDM and Wolters Kluwer’s OneSumX in the role of development manager.

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