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About 60 Mio. Records in less than 4 minutes


Imagine your implementation project is running the next update in SAP PaPM is due, for example SAP Notes or bug fixes. Ideally, the effects are known and no major hurdles are created. But can you be a 100% sure about this?

Most likely not – you will need to repeatedly test in your environment to identify discrepancies and ensure there are none. This procedure is also called “regression testing”.
For a manageable number of data sets, regression testing is also possible manually, although this would take a lot of time and resources. Considering that we have a lot more data sets and memory at our disposal in this day and age, we quickly reach our limits – manual regression testing is no longer feasible.

1.048.576. This is the limitation of rows that the tool of choice brings with it in appropriate tests – namely Excel. Excel is very often used for regression testing. What seems a lot at first glance is quickly exhausted, especially in systems with a large amount of data. Not to mention the time involved in an appropriate regression test of such magnitude.

SAP Profitability and Performance Management (SAP PaPM) enables fast and flexible processing of large volumes of data at high granularity based on SAP HANA technology. This automatically leads to the dilemma that the advantages of the solution in terms of data volume are offset by high testing costs.

At this point, let’s take a look at an exemplary simplified test procedure. First, target and actual results are extracted. Possibly this step is still relatively “fast”.
The next step is to identify and analyze the deltas between TARGET and ACTUAL. This is precisely where the expense driver lies. Especially when we are talking about …

… data sets. To give more expression to the size of the figure:
Sixty-one million three hundred and forty-four thousand eight hundred and thirty-four.

This is exactly what happened with one of our implementation projects: a direct bank with over 9 million customers in 2022. To date, we have implemented SAP PaPM together with the bank as a planning and forecasting tool for all costs (including calculation of personnel costs, calculation of depreciation costs, reporting).

Just for comparison – A full regression test using Excel would fill over 60 worksheets. So how do you minimize testing efforts? In the project, we overcome this challenge using the specially developed solution “ADWEKO Control for PaPM“. The numbers speak for themselves: In just under…

Environment choice
Execution Control for PaPM

minutes, all data sets on a total of seven environments were identified and analyzed and all test results were prepared. A time that undercuts the manual effort that would have been involved many times over!

The case study at our customer shows that “ADWEKO Control for PaPM” reduces the testing effort in SAP PaPM to a minimum. With just a few clicks, full regression tests are performed in a PaPM environment. With the use of SAP HANA in-memory technology, test execution takes place in the shortest possible time with maximum test coverage and minimal effort while ensuring high data quality. The add-on is compatible with SAP HANA 2.0 and SAP Performance and Profitability Management. Let us return to the situation described at the beginning:

You are about to perform a regression test. The use of ADWEKO Control for PaPM can save you time, nerves and ultimately costs! Reduce test efforts, optimize your system and ensure full test coverage with ADWEKO Control for PaPM.

You are not yet convinced or have doubts about the accuracy of the data?

Try ADWEKO Control for PaPM free of charge.
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