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Insights on the ADWEKO universal adapter for the revolution of standard integration

Are you already looking forward to your annual vacation in New Zealand? Or have you spontaneously booked a few days in England for a city trip? What about a road trip down Route 66?

Whether long-distance travel or a short trip – everywhere it becomes problematic at the very latest when the battery of the smartphone or your camera once again does not play along … Many countries have different plug systems and therefore require a corresponding adapter. If you haven’t thought of this once again, the only thing that often helps is a trip to the hotel reception or an overpriced purchase in the nearest supermarket.

You are probably asking yourself now, what does this problem have to do with ADWEKO?

How can a travel adapter be applied to the challenges in the financial services industry or the topic of data integration?

The situation is similar to the problem described above in the context of transformation projects within overall bank management. Here, the complexity in the introduction of new systems usually lies not in the systems themselves, but in particular in the linking of these. For such integration projects, we quickly talk about a share of +/- 60% of the total project. On the one hand, the customer has to take care of the technical interface development, and on the other hand, an even greater effort is required for system integration in order to specify all requirements with the software manufacturers involved and to schedule the necessary system adjustments on all sides in the corresponding vendor releases. Lastly, we are also talking about the maintenance and tedious further development of these interfaces.

If we transfer this to a modern banking architecture in which central data storage is an essential component, we quickly find ourselves at the SAP Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP).

The SAP FSDP comprises both a standardized, redundancy-free entity-relationship data model (cdm) that is uniform for all bank management disciplines, and a cdm-derived physical data model (pdm) that is optimized for high-performance use in a HANA environment (also SAP Financial Services Data Management or FSDP for short). In addition, SAP Hana Data Management Suite HANA as a database and in-memory data warehouse solution delivers SAP PowerDesigner for data modeling (also as a tool for modeling institution-specific extensions to cdm and pdm) as well as a support infrastructure and other features. Although the SAP FSDP also has standard entities for storing results data from analytical systems, what is not part of the solution are analytical functionalities for generating these results data, e.g. from risk management or the regulatory environment.

So, figuratively speaking, the complexity does not lie with the socket or the end device. The important thing is the system integration or the linking of both components.

Let’s get a little more specific:

Our vacation helper, is within the scope of the
or system connection, is the ADWEKO universal adapter. This is a fully comprehensive framework that provides all interfaces for the customized integration of analytical and regulatory applications on the SAP FSDP .

Architecture of the ADWEKO universal adapter

Developed by ADWEKO’s know-how from corresponding implementation projects, we already make it possible to connect the leading analytical and regulatory applications (cf. green box “Consumer App” in the illustration) to the central data storage (SAP FSDP incl. FSDM, cf. blue box in the illustration).

This saves you as a customer
a) to massively reduce the high integration efforts within the scope of such project plans
b) to be able to fall back on proven systems within the framework of risk management and reporting as part of the platform (no more redundant data storage)
c) to leverage test automation potentials through the provided test tools
d) “consume” changes to the data models of one of the systems involved directly as part of a release update.
e) or to have us operate the interface directly.

In addtion to Wolters Kluwer’s OneSumX solutions in the risk and reg environment, we work with Prometeia and msg, among others.

The ADWEKO universal adapter is already part of the future architecture at two large German Landesbanken and is being installed as a link between the systems described above as part of the implementation projects currently underway.

What do we remember for our vacation?

ADWEKO makes it possible to universal adapter system-independent to ensure the data supply. Even an analytical system unknown to the adapter does not pose a challenge here. The core of the adapter remains untouched and only the specifics of the decreasing solution are adapted.
So – which country are you heading to next?

Patrick Thumm
Head of Product Sales


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