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Insights on the new FSDP2msg4banking-Adapter

msg and ADWEKO jointly develop the FSDP2msg4banking adapter

The FSDP2msg4banking adapter is a highly standardized software component that is based on the FSDP and provides the msg4banking solutions with the required input data.

The msg4banking solutions have a modular structure and offer comprehensive functionalities for regulatory reporting, risk management, planning and forecasting and costing. The co-innovation project between msg and ADWEKO benefits from experience gained in numerous customer projects and msg’s extensive knowledge of standard banking products as well as ADWEKO’s in-depth SAP knowledge.

In order to integrate the msg product spectrum on the SAP FSDP/FSDM in line with the platform concept, the ADWEKO universal adapter is used in the FSDP2msg4banking adapter. This reduces the development time and the implementation risk, as well as optimally utilizing the experience from other development projects.

Architektur des ADWEKO Universal Adapters

What are the benefits of the standard adapter for msg GillardonBSM customers?

Matthias Gahr, Manager Business Unit msg GillardonBSM:

“With the standard adapter, our customers save themselves time-consuming and individual data connection and integration projects. By simply customizing the adapter, the data can be transferred from the FSDP to the msg components. In addition, the results from the msg components are also stored back in the FSDP. By “playing back” the result data, FSDP is ideally used as a central datamart.”

What benefits can customers expect from the FSDP2msg4banking adapter?

Cord Bötger, Managing Director ADWEKO Consulting GmbH:

“In particular, the FSDM2msg4banking adapter brings GUI-based configuration of mappings between the two systems, while allowing customer-specific extensions of data structures in a no-code approach. We deliver out of the box extensive sets of so-called content views and mapping functions for standardized reading of SAP FSDP entities and offer on the write side an extensible framework for persisting data in SAP FSDP. Last but not least, our customers save time when implementing their individual logics due to overarching support functions and tools as well as a standardized test framework and predefined test cases.”

However, in this approach, changes to regulatory requirements still result in change efforts as with “normal interfaces”. What do customers say, for example, who are about to introduce the changes resulting from CR III?

Matthias Gahr, Manager Business Unit msg GillardonBSM:

“That is precisely the great advantage of this adapter solution. Adaptations to the msg GillardonBSM software solutions are also implemented in the FSDP2msg4banking adapter at the same time. Extension requirements to the FSDP are coordinated with SAP Fioneer at an early stage. Customers thus get the fit of our solutions with FSDP as standard and no longer need lengthy change projects.”

Cord Bötger, Managing Director ADWEKO Consulting GmbH:

“Correct. The changes are delivered by msg and us in regular releases. And if you want, we can also take over operation and perform the release rollout for you. This way you avoid the costs of in-house development as well as the effort for implementation and testing.”

Cord Bötger

Managing Director

ADWEKO Consulting GmbH

Matthias Gahr


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