ITSM philosophies – and why we don’t do it that way

When it comes to compliance issues, the question is usually where to start, where to stop?

Cost advantages are often only achieved by minimizing risks in the long term, the labor market for specialists is empty and many consultants would like to “reinvent” the topic for their customers in order to maximize expenses. In addition, in the regulated sector in particular, it sometimes happens that a requirement is extended before at least some institutions have even been able to implement the first variant.

However, this gives rise to an advantage that should not be underestimated: those who have not yet had to implement the requirements or have not yet implemented them can benefit from other institutes and their experience and take their findings into account when implementing them – this is clear to all consultants… which is why almost no one actively addresses it.

We at ADWEKO have decided to take a different approach here and offer help for self-help in the ITSM area. That’s what sets us apart. We want to minimize effort and create “suitable” solutions based on suitable previous experience – and yes, this is also possible without tools that consume budgets in the millions during implementation alone.

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In the context of regulatory requirements for IT, John Hugo and Pia Streicher have addressed the issue in an article published in November 2021 in IT Finance Magazine dealt with this procedure. Banks have been pioneers here as well. Subsequently, sector-specific requirements for insurance companies, capital management companies and payment service providers were created, although their contents are largely congruent.

As a result, the article also used examples to draw the conclusion that the wheel definitely does not need to be reinvented. Rather, other regulated companies can learn from the implementation experiences of the pioneers; whether through direct exchange or through consultants. This enables less costly conceptual work and, depending on the compliance maturity of the organization, faster implementation And whoever says that being a bit slower than the competition doesn’t have its advantages?

Theory meets practice – the model works

The understanding of learning from experience and not having to start on the proverbial greenfield site is also shared by the Vereinigte Hagelversicherung VVaG. The head of IT at the United Hail Insuranceused the article as a hook for an initial conversation with our ITSM team. Thanks to the shared understanding of proportional implementation and sensibly applied empirical values, we are pleased to be able to United Hail Insuranceto accompany you in the implementation of various requirements and thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

Compliance-as-a-Service… what?

As the latest addition to the X1F-group, we are particularly pleased to have matrixas a partner that can meaningfully complement and expand our offering. This momentum gave rise to the idea of exploring the potential of the X1F group and finding a common answer to the question posed above – where to start, where to stop. We are pleased to be working with X1F on a 360° solution for compliancethat will enable us to offer Compliance-as-a-Service.

What does that mean? Building on the outsourcing of infrastructure and application operations, we also solve IT compliance issues in an integrated manner as a control process. In this way, we make it possible for our customers that, through us as a holistic provider, the current regulation flows in non-stop – and that it is no longer necessary to purchase a managed service per tool. We are the vendor that enables you to generate revenue and not have years of de facto downtime until an IT compliance project is completed.

We can now act as a full-service provider with the experience of our various subsidiaries, from conception and implementation to “sheet metal”, we can offer a comprehensive service that makes your life easier. That is our Success Story.

Johannes Hugo
Head of Business Unit ITSM


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