Since March 2021 is ADWEKO GOLD PARTNER of SAP! We are proud to receive this award, as it is a Appreciation, for our successful work in countless SAP projects! In addition to the management and colleagues of SAP SE, who have always supported us fairly and in a spirit of trust during the partnership, we would also like to thank our customers, without their feedback and recommendations the achievement of the GOLD status would not be conceivable.

The GOLD status for SAP partners is also available as a Quality feature to understand. In order to achieve this, it is a prerequisite that a large number of qualitative criteria are met by the partner. Depending on the degree of maturity, quality and quantity of the individual criteria, you receive so-called value points as a SAP partner. If you have reached a certain minimum number of Value Points, you are in the status: GOLD PARTNER.

“The fact that we have now achieved the status of GOLD Partner makes me personally very happy. Regardless of the official partner status, we as a company have a close connection to SAP. Not least because there are many colleagues like me who also worked directly for SAP for a number of years. The GOLD status thus clearly shows that, in addition to personal closeness, we have also successfully developed our cooperation in formal terms. I would like to illustrate this with the following three examples:

Expert Partner for FSDP
Since 2018, we have already invested in building up FSDP-specific know-how. In addition to comprehensive training materials, we have been able to build up a comprehensive range of consulting services for the SAP platform. The topic has received a real boost from the development partnership with SAP and Wolters Kluwer, in which we are responsible for the conception and development of the standard integration. In addition, like other SAP partners, we have developed further solutions on the SAP FSDP platform in order to continually expand the range of functions.

2. technical and system expertise in FS-specific SAP solutions: by focusing on FS-specific SAP solutions such as PaPM, FPSL, Complex Loans or FAM, we are not only a valued implementation partner but also support banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers in defining viable target architectures together with SAP. Despite our proximity to SAP, we have retained the independence that is essential to maintain our credibility. Especially in preliminary studies, where the foundation for target architectures and measures of the following 5 years is often laid, this characteristic is our success factor.

3. SAP Software Development
: as already mentioned under 1., we have been able to build up a considerable team in the past years, which exclusively deals with the development of standard software. The adapter between SAP FSDP and Wolters Kluwer OneSumX is certainly the most extensive development project. As an official SAP Build Partner we develop extensions for SAP solutions (e.g. FPSL or PaPM) to cover requirements such as test automation.

We will by no means rest on our laurels, the dynamics in the market and the pressure to change are too great for that. With our excellent SAP expertise in trend topics such as finance and bank management transformations, we believe we are ideally positioned in the market. The growth of new mandates on the client side as well as the acquisition of new, experienced employees who want to become part of the success story speak a clear language here.”


Cord Bötger, Managing Director ADWEKO Consulting GmbH

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