Test thinking: an underestimated ailment

Insights into test processes from Dennis Getzkow

Have you ever tested any software? I mean really tested and not just tried something out?

If so, then I can only advise you to be careful. Many people underestimate how much our work affects us as a whole. The process begins gradually. More and more, thoughts at work are also setting the pace for everyday thinking.

Dennis Getzkow

Dennis Getzkow, Senior Consultant Managed Services

The course is different for everyone

However, it is certain that your social environment plays a major role in the extent to which you allow your vocation, testing, to guide you in your everyday thinking. Do you perhaps know someone who has similar thoughts? Or is there even a genetic component that promotes these thought patterns? Of course, you won’t notice any major changes at the beginning. However, this can change abruptly if you take a close look at your work. Especially people who work in the same profession see this very clearly. Interestingly, there are entire communities for exchanging information. So you are not alone!

Do you also test in your free time?

This is absolutely typical for someone who works in testing. Even with the smallest and most banal things, you always ask yourself: “Has this ever been tested?” “How can something like this be sold?”. Even if you only want to access a streaming service for a short time, thoughts like this cross your mind from time to time.

Your eyes unconsciously search for mistakes

Where others only see a user interface, you see a search image. You evaluate the behavior of the software, find yourself questioning the runtime and thinking about usability and accuracy. Not forgetting that you are surrounded by a touch of joy when you find a mistake.

There are many other beautiful things we can devote ourselves to

A little tip:Consciously take some time out from software, especially on Vacation! As much as we care about our job, we sometimes need to take a little time out to think about other things and focus on the important things in life, such as friends and family. However, due to the versatile use of digital products, dispensing with software is sometimes a real Herculean task.

You can’t really stop testing even after several weeks?
Then you are fully in your vocation.
vocation arrived!

The positive thing is that you can make testing your job and have fun doing it – because as a tester, you will celebrate every bug you find like others celebrate winning the lottery. Nobody here will judge you for your behavior. You can proudly document and communicate your tests and errors found. And you even get money for it!

It is always interesting to see how our vocation can affect us. No matter which area you are in. We have been working in a particular specialist area for decades. Regardless of whether it is software testing, system development or consulting. You can feel how the thought patterns from our work also creep into our private lives. Even if you have less to do with it at times, somehow it persists or keeps coming back.

The positive thing is that if our job is really fun, then we benefit twice over! It enriches our quality of life and we can also earn money with our passion. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Over time, you will learn how to get the best possible results from your new ways of thinking

Your family and friends will get used to you thinking a certain way. Even if they don’t always understand why and sometimes even frown a little, other points of view also have their advantages when it comes to solving problems together.

That’s why it helps to change your own way of thinking from time to time and to listen to those around you. Other ways of thinking can also support you in your job and certainly help you a little further. And rest assured, the software you use in everyday life has certainly been tested several times!

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