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Insights into Tim Küllmey’s everyday coding life

What do I do at ADWEKO?

Hi! My name is Tim and I work in Data Management at ADWEKO as a consultant. In my current project, I am working on a data integration project at a Landesbank in Germany. We are implementing the introduction of new software for cash register control and data delivery from the upstream systems.

My project team consists of 3 other ADWEKOs, the Technical Lead and the Test Manager, as well as another developer.

Tim Küllmey

Tim Küllmey, Consultant in Data Management

What does my working day look like?

My day starts every morning at 9 a.m. with the daily call and my ADWEKO colleagues. In the Daily, we coordinate our tasks and report on our progress. After the call, it’s clear what needs to be done today and I almost always have a smile on my face. The atmosphere in our team is really great and in addition to the important project information, we usually also exchange a few (more or less good) jokes.

My day-to-day work currently consists of programming Java microservices. It’s challenging and I really enjoy it. I constantly have to use new technologies and interfaces, which gives me the chance to learn and develop. I love the feeling of having accomplished a task while discovering something new.

My aim is to work independently on my development assignments and to coordinate with my colleagues who look after the upstream systems at the bank. If I have a problem that I can’t solve myself, I call one of my colleagues and ask for support.

Fortunately, they are always ready to help and are also very knowledgeable in technical matters. All in all, I have a lot of fun in my daily work. I enjoy the challenge and the collaboration with my team, as well as solving problems together.

Office Weeks facilitate networking

Our project team meets in Hanover for a week every month to work in a shared office. Working together in the same space makes communication much easier and allows us to get to know our colleagues better, for example over a (delicious) lunch together or at fun events.

Because one evening a week we meet up and go bouldering or play laser tag or drink a beer or two together.

“When I started, I couldn’t program in Java at all!”

My start and today

When I started at ADWEKO, I couldn’t program in Java at all. I already had some experience in Python from my studies and came to ADWEKO with the aim of learning how to program professionally. I was initially involved in an internal project on SQL development (a relatively simple programming language for connecting databases).

Along the way, I started a so-called brown bag session to learn Java. All interested colleagues have joined forces to learn together. After the first project was completed, I was accepted directly into my current project. I am still involved in two brown bag sessions and think it is great that ADWEKO supports personal development to this extent.


Party, events and well-being

My experience at ADWEKO is rounded off by fun team events with the best food and a great atmosphere. I particularly remember a late night outing in Stuttgart. They played funky 80s songs there and we rocked the place. There’s always a lot of dancing at our company parties and I love that!

My career path

I am glad that I chose ADWEKO, I feel very comfortable here and can develop in the direction of Solution Architect in peace.

Career planning is an integral part of personnel management at ADWEKO and I am in constant communication with my line manager regarding my development and am supported in this through further training and, where possible, suitable projects.

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