Senior Consultant at ADWEKO

Laura’s entry into the finance sector

Our newjoiner introduces herself

12.04.2023 – Hello! I am Laura Rohr, Senior Consultant and have been working at ADWEKO since 01 January 2023. I am happy to share my experience so far in this framework.

The first working days at ADWEKO

My first day at work started with Welcome Day. I got a super overview of the company, the divisions and the systems used. It was very exciting and I couldn’t wait to meet my new colleagues.

We “newcomers” all met in person in Stuttgart and were thus able to gather our first impressions together. I felt very welcome from the very beginning.

Newjoiner January 2023

From ADWEKO onboarding to customer onboarding

In my second week of work, I was allowed to introduce myself to one of our direct banking clients and was promptly booked for my first client project. I was very excited about it because it also started directly on January 15, 2023.

I felt I was well prepared and knew what was expected of me. My colleagues from ADWEKO and XPACT (a sister company of X1F Group), had provided me with all the necessary information in a personal interview and I felt ready for the challenges that awaited me. During the conversation, I was given an overview of the client’s structure, initial contacts, and some useful links.

I was impressed with the bank’s detailed onboarding!

Laura tube

Senior Consultant in Finance, ADWEKO

Get into the daily project routine!

I was very impressed with the detailed onboarding provided by the direct bank. In the first week, many meetings were set to get to know each other. Equally important was a detailed planning about the tool “Azure”, so that we defined our tasks and mutual expectations.

Our project team has been continuously built up over the last weeks and forms a strong basis for our project goal. We are a good mix of junior and senior colleg:ers, as well as external and internal support staff. We have therefore divided the overall team into the areas of “Onboarding” and “In-Life”, but we are still in constant exchange.

In the last few weeks, I have been able to expand my knowledge and skills and learn many new technologies and working methods (e.g. Scrum and Kanban) that have helped me to develop and make my work even more effective.

Overall, I feel very comfortable in my ADWEKO team at the customer and feel that I can usefully contribute my skills and experience. I look forward to working on more exciting projects in the future and continuing my career as a Senior Consultant at ADWEKO.

Thank you Laura, for this exciting insight into your first months at ADWEKO!

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