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ADWEKO and the DHBW make it work!

09/29/2022 – Sarah Thanhäuser is a dual student at the DHBW in Stuttgart and has been working at ADWEKO in the Data Management department since September 2021.

She was sure from an early point on that a practice-oriented degree in business informatics was just right for her especially with ADWEKO.

Why did you decide on a dual study program?

“I quickly realized that I wanted to do a dual study program when I started thinking about what I wanted to do after I graduated from high school. The combination of theory and practice convinced me to want to study at DHBW in the future.”

Why did you choose the course of studies in business informatics?

What excited me about business informatics was how many directions you can go in after graduation. The content was also very appealing to me. Since I had economics as an advanced course in school, I was convinced that I would enjoy the course.

What convinced you about ADWEKO as a practical company?

“In November 2019, I went to the study information day at DHBW Stuttgart. There, various companies with different courses of study awaited me, including business informatics. I talked to a few companies, but ADWEKO was the only one that talked to me calmly and explained a lot about the study and how it relates to practice.

That’s why I was already in contact with them a short time later and made an appointment for a short internship to make sure that business informatics as well as the everyday life of a consultant were really something for me. During the two short days of internship, I was able to get to know some nice colleagues and exchanged ideas with other dual students about what a day at ADWEKO and at the DHBW is like. As a result, I applied for a dual study program in business informatics and fortunately got place. I started at ADWEKO in September 2021.

How have your practical phases gone for you so far?

“From the beginning, I ended up in data management. Early on, I got the opportunity to integrate myself by giving presentations or organizing events.

I was able to spend my second semester and thus my second practical phase in the project at RLBOÖ (Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich) with the Finance department.

In the project, I was mainly responsible for testing. My project work, which was due this semester, I wrote with a lot of support from my colleagues about a new test management tool that was implemented during this time.

Right in my second week, I went to Linz, to the headquarters of RLBOÖ. There I was able to gain my first experience in personal contact with customers and in face-to-face meetings.

From Linz we went on to our ADWEKO event in Ampflwang, where we had four days to get to know not only all our new as well as international colleagues, but also their families.

Towards the end, our mentor organized a trip to Budapest with us dual students. On the one hand, we were able to work in our Budapest office and get to know our Hungarian colleagues there, and on the other hand, we were able to explore the city together with them.

At the end of my practical phase, we had a project meeting in Hanover. This not only gave us the opportunity to work together on site, but also to get to know each other better. We had a great time getting to know each other and exchanging ideas at the Maschseefest, which took place at the same time.”

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Image by Dominique Tadayeski