DORA – or what remains of the BAIT?
IT Regulatory Conference

From 25. until September 26 2023 is ADWEKO at the symposium IT-Regulation of FCH in Frankfurt. Over the course of two conference days, practice-oriented insights into current developments in IT regulation will be provided, problem areas in implementation will be highlighted on the basis of audit findings, and interdisciplinary exchange among all participants will be promoted.

Pia & Johannes

Day 1

Day 1 will discuss current findings and developments in the Bundesbank’s IT examination area, including focal points of the current examination campaign and frequent findings from special examinations. Topics such as cloud computing and DORA regulation will also be in focus.

Day 2

Practical reports on current findings and focal points from the ECB special audit in the area of IT, information security and IT emergency management will be addressed on Day 2.

Pia Streicher
and Johannes Hugo become Present you with an implementation example from risk management in the context of outsourcing management under DORA. Our experts will also present approaches to implementing the outsourcing management requirements and the regulatory expectations in practice.


We look forward to exchanging ideas with you at this year’s symposium!

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Pia Streicher