10 months ADWEKO

amals experience report

“ADWEKO shows me new ways for continuing education, cohesion and cultural diversity!”

July 27, 2022 – I’ve been with ADWEKO for ten months now and I’m excited to have finally started working. One of the main reasons I chose ADWEKO was the flexibility to combine master’s studies and work life.

ADWEKO offers the right balance between work and free time

In my first month, I went to a team event in Hamburg, where I felt very welcome and included. I had two fantastic days with the entire team and learned how much ADWEKO values and supports employee social connections. I was looking forward to meeting all my colleagues in Austria at the end of June and to deepening the interpersonal level with my divisional colleagues during a two-day teambuilding trip in Gdansk. ADWEKO enables the right balance between work and leisure. A lot of value is placed on little things – for example, I received a welcome greeting and even a personal Christmas card from our two CEOs on my first day at work.

I immediately felt integrated…

As ADWEKO is internationally positioned, it was easy for me as a Tunisian to integrate into the company. The fact that ADWEKO is multicultural has helped me a lot to work in a relaxed atmosphere with flat hierarchies, where I am allowed and expected to contribute as much as everyone else. My contribution is not only in external customer projects, but I can also develop myself in internal projects. Currently, I get to work with colleagues from different areas on automating an internal process with RPA.

The best decision

ADWEKO is successful not only in business, but also in terms of employee retention and motivation. A month after I started, I was assigned to a project. My team leader’s goal was to have me fit and ready to go as a consultant within 3 months. Mutual support and helpfulness across all hierarchical levels are part of everyday life. You are encouraged and encouraged to get help when you need it. With super colleagues, a helpful team can ultimately achieve the best results!

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