Together with matrix technology and our new sister company FSP we have joined forces to bring together our expertise and passion for IT security in a new IT security management newsletter for you.

June 17, 2022 – An increasing risk of cyberattacks, growing dependencies on IT service providers and increased security breaches are almost part of daily business. Experts and supervisors agree that IT security is increasingly important The focus of regulatory audits and requirements will therefore increasingly be on this topic. But with all the regulatory changes and provisions, how can you keep an overview and protect yourself at the same time and, above all, in good time?

With the from mid-July 2022 IT-Security Newsletter, we will offer you an up-to-date and orderly monthly overview on regulatory changes and developments in short format. This summary of the most important news is intended to help you assess your own level of concern. In addition, you are “in tune with the times” and know in advance and in time about regulatory and legal changes and can plan for them.

In addition, you will find exciting blog posts, articles and white papers on topics such as data security, outsourcing, cloud & co. Process analyses and vulnerability identification are also among the areas that we will highlight here. Register now!

Learn more about our new sister FSP GmbH Consulting & IT Services

As a new sister company we are supported by

FSP GmbH Consulting & IT Services

which was founded in Cologne in 2001 and supports its customers from the financial services, retail and industry sectors in digitization. Here, the focus of the customized consulting services is on IAM, regulatory & compliance, business analysis, and project and test management. Günter Friedrich, Managing Director of FSP comments, “we are now pleased to be part of this group of successful and experienced specialists to provide our customers with additional services and products such as platform integration, infrastructure, managed services and data analytics.”

Lars Ackermann, CEO of X1F, explains why FSP is the next perfect fit for the expansion of the group: “With its in-depth actuarial and life insurance knowledge, FSP is the perfect match for the group’s range of services. X1F is also expanding its portfolio to include consulting services and products in the highly sought-after IT security sector. We are very pleased to welcome the additional 50 colleagues to the group.”

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