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The pandemic has significantly changed the usual working life. In all companies, numerous processes in which partial steps are carried out manually or analogously have reached their limits. Digitally captured data could almost regularly not be further processed for work and business processes – media disruptions became larger and larger.

All of a sudden, the motivation in many companies to drive the buzzword “digitization” internally increased. And actico offers you the platform to do so:

Actico provides the ideal basis for translating business decision-making processes into technical processes using a visual modeling approach. These can then be integrated into corporate processes fully automatically or as part of a workflow, thus contributing to digitization.

An example of this is the credit decision solution, which can be integrated into the central bank functions as a pre-designed solution based on the actico platform. The openness of the processes mapped there allows any adjustments to be made to your house-specific features without losing the overview. However, this is just one example of many where the actico platform can be used as a central control point for digital processes.

ADWEKO and actico maintain a professional partnership with the goal of participating in the introduction of the platform on the customer side and working together on use cases. In the joint validation of the house’s own specifics, application possibilities are elicited and thus the transformation of your company is driven forward. This is done by including the following aspects:

  • Mapping of the partially or fully automated processes for decision making in real time with the inclusion of AI technology
  • Reduction of manual efforts and increase of efficiencies
  • Greater traceability

ADWEKO is at your side for consulting and implementation.

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