Client situation
Mercedes-Benz Bank has a complex Bank Analyzer landscape. The maintenance requires expert know-how and knowledge of various processes, distinctive features and customer-specific developments.

ADWEKO is responsible for the application operations, maintenance and further development of all Bank Analyzer systems at Mercedes-Benz Bank. We have to ensure that all functional specifications and requirements of the business and IT departments are implemented in a timely manner and in best quality. Month-end reports, as well as daily loadings and runs should be finished on time.

Mercedes-Benz Bank is one of the leading automotive banks in Germany. It is a subsidiary of Daimler Financial Services, the word leading financial service provider of the Daimler group. In 2013, Mercedes-Benz Bank generated a balance total of EUR 21,749 million. The bank has more than 1,1 million customers and 1,530 employees. It provides a wide range of products, e. g. leasing, financing, insurance of vehicles and many more.



In our long-time experience with SAP Bank Analyzer, ADWEKO established various best practices which are used at the customer´s side. First, we define all team members and their concrete roles according to their specialized knowledge, skill class and personal strengths. In this way, we ensure that our team has the expertise and specific know-how for all relevant business processes and, furthermore, each member is an expert and accountable for a specific functional area. One person is responsible for the communication with the customer, acting as a single point of contact for all issues and requirements and distributes the tasks within the team and tracks the progress of implementation. At Mercedes-Benz Bank ADWEKO has two different teams – one is responsible for all maintenance and further development related topics, a second one does the test runs on all systems and executes daily, weekly and monthly reports. In order to achieve a cost benefit, the customer can choose a model where the services we offer are partially or completely outsourced.

Technical realization

  • Module editor
  • Customizing
  • ABAP programming
  • CVPM process implementation
  • Etc.



Business Continuity
• Sustainability of processes
• On-time delivery of reports

Business Process Improvement
• Improvement of processes according to business requirements and customer needs
• Centralized business processes documentation

Quality Improvement
• Improved data consistency by proactive error tracking
• Experienced resources with extensive know-how and wide expertise

Cost Reduction
• Standardization of various processes and activities

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