Interface development between SAP FSDP and OneSumX for market and liquidity risk management

The scenario for replacing the SAP Bank Analyzer CRA (Credit Risk Analyzer) software has already been described in a separate article . The aim here was to ensure that the manufacturer’s maintenance for the module expires in 2025 and that an alternative is found for existing customers. SAP offers with the SAP Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP) a platform that not only stores all the necessary data in a predefined data model, but also provides the appropriate interface infrastructure. This structure is deliberately kept open so that third-party providers can build on it and integrate their business processes or software. For example, a cooperation with Wolters Kluwer was entered into for all analytical banking processes. Their OneSumX software is widely used and established internationally. With corresponding modules for market price risk, credit risk and liquidity risk management, as well as asset/liability management, it offers all the necessary functionalities.


The preliminary study considered the case for replacing SAP Bank Analyzer CRA with OneSumX. In the course of which it turned out that both modules of the manufacturers work very similarly and provide relevant functions. The few differences have already been passed into the pipeline by Wolters Kluwer for further development. Due to the pressing demand of the market, two other modules of OneSumX have come into focus in the meantime. The two software providers SAP and Wolters Kluwer, together with ADWEKO as implementation partner, decided to first develop the interface between SAP FSDP and OneSumX for market and liquidity risk management as part of their cooperation.

First release

For this reason, a team of experienced people in the respective modules was put together without further ado, who had already been entrusted with the conception and analysis for several weeks. In the planning it is intended to start with the implementation as soon as possible. The goal is to deliver a first release to potential customers by the end of 2019. Part of this release will be the complete integration of 3 product groups:

  • Current account transactions and deposits
  • Interest rate swaps
  • Foreign currency transactions (FX spot, FX forward and FX swaps)

Moreover, in the first step, this is only implemented for reading data from SAP FSDM.


Write-back of results will be implemented in later releases during 2020. Based on this, the roadmap for Further development is clarified with both software manufacturers.

Jens Hielscher’s main focus is on implementation experience in the technical environment of market risk management, asset/liability management, credit limit and risk, as well as liquidity management and earnings calculation. In addition to SAP systems and modules from this environment, there is also a wide range of experience with software systems from other manufacturers. Jens Hielscher covers all project phases from requirements gathering, conception and implementation to testing and customer training. One focus is the creation and further development of software architectures.

Jens Hielscher

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