Extension of cooperation with Wolters Kluwer to reporting - the ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX adapter

At the beginning of the cooperation with Wolters Kluwer there was the Replacement of SAP Credit Risk Analyzer (CRA)whose support will expire in 2025. The technical foundation is Financial Services Data Platform (FSDM) of SAP, which is built on the new in-memory database SAP HANA. The SAP FSDP data model has been deliberately chosen to be so open and comprehensive that all analytical banking processes can be mapped. The ideal partner for a risk engine based on SAP FSDP turned out to be Wolters Kluwer with OneSumX turned out to be. The software covers credit and market price risks as well as liquidity management.

First implementations for a ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX Adapterin the area Market Price Risks and Liquidity Managementhave already taken place in 2019. The back adapter from OneSumX to SAP FSDP will be completed in 2020.

The collaboration

During the discussions and planning, it quickly became clear that the combination of SAP FSDP and OneSumX would bring another decisive advantage: In addition to an internationally used risk engine, Wolters Kluwer also operates internationally established regulatory reporting software. It is very similar in the structure of the data model of the risk software.

SAP has also recognized the potential of its generic data model and is developing a third-party agnostic data layer for FSDP.

Initial discussions with customers have already taken place. Due to the SAP CRA replacement, they are interested in the FSDP + OneSumX combination for regulatory reporting. ADWEKO can contribute its experience in linking risk software to SAP FSDP here.

Advantages through the cooperation

The cooperation with SAP through SAP HANA and FSDP, Wolters Kluwer as a software provider and ADWEKO as an implementation and operating partner offer an ideal combination:

  • A modern in-memory database with a generic data model capable of serving all analytical requirements for bank management
  • A risk and regulatory reporting software from one source that is internationally established
  • A strong partner who has the technical and professional know-how to combine both worlds.

The synergy effects generated by software manufacturer for risk management and regulatory reporting are a matter of course. However, it is particularly noteworthy that both the risk indicators for internal bank management and for reporting to the supervisory authority come from a single source. This is ideal in terms of BCBS 239.

The ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX Adapter

In cooperation with Wolters Kluwer, SAP and in close coordination with the team currently responsible for the risk adapter, the ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX adapter is being developed. This covers the entire range of banking business for regulatory reporting. The focus is not only on covering the bank’s portfolio as completely as possible, but also on close integration with the team.

The first step will be to develop the the ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX adapter initially developed for account products, general ledger and sub-ledger, loans and securities. The next steps are derivatives, netting agreements, syndicate constructions and collateral.

Walter Heupel is a Senior Consultant in the area of Regulation & Analytics. His focus is on the classical business analysis of complex issues in banking and IT-related topics in the environment of the regulatory reporting software ABACSU360 or ABACUS/DaVinci and the associated SAP-BA interface IRR. His previous activities included designing and implementing new regulatory requirements as well as analyzing and fixing bugs in the existing system.

Walter Heupel

ADWEKO Consulting GmbH


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