Implementation of SAP FSDM and OneSumX

In 2025, the maintenance of the SAP Credit Risk Analyzer (SAP CRA) module in SAP Bank Analyzer will expire. In this context, SAP, Wolters Kluwer and ADWEKO have used their mutual partnership as an opportunity to offer a new application as a successor. This is to be done under the condition of a modern software architecture and using new technologies to be capable for a long time future.

The successor solution SAP FSDM

The decision was made in favor of the SAP Financial Services Data Platform (FSDM) for storing all relevant data of a financial institution as the architectural basis. OneSumX from Wolters Kluwer is to be connected to it as a specialist application. This software, which has been established on the market for many years, already offers essential credit risk functions.

With SAP HANA as the basis for SAP FSDM, the technology was also found in which the connection between the two solutions should take place. ADWEKO brings the important know-how into the preliminary study through its expertise in SAP FSDM as well as SAP HANA on the one hand and customer experience through numerous projects in the credit risk environment on the other hand. In recent weeks, the international team from the three companies involved has been able to make significant progress. This was done despite multi-layered requirements outside the project.

The preliminary study

On the one hand, the execution and analysis of further test scenarios succeeded in decisively advancing the understanding on all sides for the respective solution. Small differences could also be worked out in the process. In addition, an intensive exchange with our SAP CRA customers gave us an impression of which topics are decisive and which are subordinate in an implementation case. This helps to be able to prioritize in the later expansion. In parallel, we started to identify the necessary and relevant entities in OneSumX for the implementation. Based on this, the appropriate structures are then identified in SAP FSDM. These points then serve as the basis for the subsequent effort estimation and clarification of the roadmap to the Further development both software manufacturers.

Jens Hielscher’s main focus is on implementation experience in the technical environment of market risk management, asset/liability management, credit limit and risk, as well as liquidity management and earnings calculation. In addition to SAP systems and modules from this environment, there is also a wide range of experience with software systems from other manufacturers. Jens Hielscher covers all project phases from requirements gathering, conception and implementation to testing and customer training. One focus is the creation and further development of software architectures.

Jens Hielscher

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