Automation of an ADWEKO internal process
through the use of RPA and BPA

Correlating with ADWEKO’s business expansion and activities abroad – e.g. USA, Hungary and Canada – the complexity of a proper liquidity calculation also increases beyond the company codes and their currencies.

For efficient operational planning and accurate reporting, all accounts and company codes are analyzed weekly across ADWEKO to determine ADWEKO’s projected liquidity in euros.

The calculation includes recurring queries from our SAP database, currency conversions, consolidations and the creation of a report for ADWEKO and the parent company X1F. The process is repeated weekly by ADWEKO’s experts in the admin area and accordingly costs several working hours (approx.1.5 hours) per week and ties up several human resources for data maintenance.

Through our expertise in process optimization and automation, our consultants have automated this process using BPA and RPA . BPA, Business Process Automation, executes workflows automatically and without human intervention. RPA, Robotic Process Automation, enables the connection and integration of any source and application to the BPA workflow. At ADWEKO, we place a high value on automation and see this as a fundamental building block of our IT landscape 2.0, not only to perform regular tasks effectively, but to do so in the most efficient way possible, minimizing human interaction (with highly repetitive tasks) so that employees are sustained and can devote their time to other value-creating tasks.

The universality of an automation with BPA and RPA, allows many different third party applications and environments to be integrated into the process. In the aforementioned automation, SAP was accessed using UiPath (RPA), manual input in the workflow was enabled through Internet forms, the process steps were developed using Eclipse, and the outputs were documented in Microsoft Excel.

Thanks to our expertise, it was proven once again how many monetary and human resources can be saved by the introduction of automation tools in the daily business routine and which far-reaching cross-cutting issues are developed across divisions (especially Admin, SoSo, Finance and IT) at ADWEKO.

We look forward to more challenges and processes that our experienced consultants will automate.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dominica Krüger!

Dominica Kruger
Senior Consultant


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