ADWEKO has several years of experience in working with SAP FPSL. In addition to conducting preliminary studies, our service portfolio also includes the conceptual design and implementation phases.

ADWEKO: A reliable partner in matters of FPSL – Why?

Several companies are probably convincing due to their several years of experience in dealing with SAP FPSL.
So why does ADWEKO in particular stand out so much?

Based on our project experience, we have succeeded in developing a process model for implementation, which we are already successfully using to add value. This provides our customers with a stable project framework against which we detail and align our further procedure together with you as the customer.

So in addition to conducting preliminary studies, our strengths also include the conceptual design and implementation phases.

Many customers are already convinced:

  • Together with a partner from the Big Four, we recently won a project for a preliminary study in the context of the reorganization of the finance area at a large bank in Frankfurt from the cooperative association in the context of SAP FPSL.
  • In our neighboring country Austria, we are working for a state bank where we are supporting the implementation phase.
  • The implementation phase is also currently underway at a data center for banks in Austria. Here, together with one of our partners from the consulting industry, we are working on the realignment of the financial architecture
  • We are also a sought-after partner in the international context when it comes to FPSL:
    Only recently, we were able to convince a medium-sized provider of life insurance in North America to work with us.
  • Furthermore, we have a trustful cooperation with a German-speaking fund company based in London.

Early clarity about the future target architecture is essential for the success of these projects. In addition, it is important to develop requirements in a targeted manner and to integrate them into the course of the project.

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What is SAP FPSL?

SAP FPSL is a sub-ledger solution for financial instruments and insurance contracts that differs significantly from the previous sub-ledger scenarios, mainly due to its much stronger business orientation and the higher degree of standardization of the accounting process model.

Mirko Hoffmann

Managing Consultant


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