The ADWEKO act makes it possible to transfer complete contract constellations from one Bank Analyzer system to another in order to support developers during implementation and testing with production-related data sets.

The data to be transferred can be anonymized and manually checked before transfer.


  • Reduce your effort to manage and create test data by 80%

  • Increase test coverage considerably

  • Mask and anonymize your data and duplicate them at the push of a button

Use Cases

  • Creation of test data for regular regression tests from production and reference test systems
  • Transfer of individual data test sets to development and test systems for the adjustment and correction of production errors
  • Test data supply of systems without data supply (development systems, adaptation of data supply routes, sandbox systems, etc.)


  • Automated compilation of test data portfolios based on contract characteristics and key figures and updating at the push of a button
  • Transfer of test data: You select individual data sets or test portfolios and the add-on transfers these test transactions including all relevant functional dependencies
  • Versatile anonymization functions for data masking and data protection compliance
  • Authorization check and logging: Each data transfer is authorization checked and logged for traceability

Product Information

  • ADWEKO act


ADWEKO act at Nord/LB

ADWEKO act serves at Nord/LB as a basis for efficient tests within the framework of the introduction of the AFI subledger scenario.

Peter Heimeshoff