With the ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX adapter you connect the internationally successful solution for overall bank management from Wolters Kluwer OneSumX with the innovative data platform for financial institutions from SAP.


  • Fast integration

  • Reduced implementation costs

  • Stability with maintenance and further development package


In order to be able to cover all functional areas and requirements for overall bank management with S/4HANA and SAP FSDP, we are developing the ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX adapter for use with the internationally established risk and reporting software OneSumX from Wolters Kluwer:

  • Overall bank management is carried out with Wolters Kluwer OneSumX
  • SAP FSDM on HANA is used for data management, which includes the data model and the interface architecture. To reduce complexity and runtimes, ADWEKO and Wolters Kluwer are building an integrated interface to SAP FSDM - without separate data storage in OneSumX.
  • The ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX adapter reads the risk data from FSDM into OneSumX Risk via API and writes the risk figures back into FSDM after processing in OneSumX. The reg data is read from FSDM into the OneSumX Reg database.


Risk adapter
Standardised interface for the integration of the banking-specific HANA data model of the FSDP into the calculations for credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk of 'OneSumX for Risk Management', including a back interface for writing the risk results from OneSumX into the FSDP data model, which has been extended for this purpose

Reg Adapter
Supplying the central data foundation of the 'OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting' from the FSDP data model


  • Consideration of all entities (partners, contracts, collateral, market data) required for risk management and regulatory reporting in OneSumX
  • Use comprehensive standard mappings to integrate the data models of FSDP and OneSumX, which can be flexibly extended
  • Consideration of versioning and historization of the FSDM
  • Individually expandable thanks to a modular and user-friendly interface design
  • Performance-optimized processing of data by using native SAP HANA 2.0 technologies
  • Use of current HANA technology for data transformation
  • Maintenance and further development with focus on SAP FSDM and Wolters Kluwer OneSumX

Fast Integration

  • Standard adapter development in cooperation with SAP and Wolters Kluwer
  • Complete mapping of the data models of FSDM and OneSumX Risk and Reg
  • Fully tested interface
  • Single point of contact for data delivery/integration (FSDM serves risk and reg)

Reduced implementation costs

  • Significant reduction of integration efforts through pre-configuration
  • Documentation Delivery Part of the Adapters
  • Reduction of effort in all project phases (conception, implementation, test and go live)

Stability with maintenance & development package

  • Necessary adjustments due to regulatory changes via software update
  • Support with SLAs
  • Coordinated release process in direct dependence of the surrounding systems (FSDM, OneSumX)


Learn more about the latest developments of our ADWEKO FSDM2OneSumX adapter read the blog posts from our experts.

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