ADWEKO data platform manager for SAP FSDP

With the ADWEKO data platform manager for SAP FSDP you get a fully comprehensive solution that controls the data supply of your SAP FSDP, assures its quality and, if required, offers extensive adjustment options for post-processing. It is a necessary and user-friendly addition to the use of a modern data platform based on SAP HANA technology and enables comfortable and long-term efficient operation.



  • Delivery of predefined technical test rules. Individual adaptation of all sets of rules.

  • Seamless integration into an existing delivery architecture. No adjustments to existing interfaces necessary.

  • Automated provision of basic content. Thus low implementation and further development costs.

  • Revision security during data correction through logging with clear history.

  • Control data loading to account for data dependencies and identify data errors.


The SAP Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP) is a completely new product developed by SAP for its core banking business in the financial services sector. The solution is based on SAP's decades of experience with the SAP Bank Analyzer and is therefore regarded as a logical further development of the SAP Bank Analyzer. The SAP FSDP is based on HANA 2.0 technology as the central data platform for analytical processes, as well as the Financial Service Data Model (SAP FSDM). As a reference model, it encompasses a comprehensive conceptual and physical mapping of data from the domains Finance, Insurance, Accounting, Risk and Customer Analytics. The open-source architecture of SAP FSDP facilitates the flexible integration of a wide range of source systems and data. This flexibility and open-source architecture poses increased challenges for data quality.

It already starts with the loading process: Here, the claim is to transfer all data of the connected source systems completely into the SAP FSDP. However, dependencies between the technical entities, as well as compliance with functional consistencies within the SAP FSDP must also be taken into account in the loading process.

If data does not meet the quality requirements, audit-proof data corrections are necessary.

However, implementing SAP FSDP-specific loading logic and data management requires a high level of technical expertise and development effort.

Our Solution

ADWEKO data platform manager for SAP FSDP orchestrates all loading processes as a central module in data delivery. All data is checked for consistency and quality before it is loaded into the data warehouse. With the user-friendly and clearly arranged monitoring cockpit, you can view the status and quality of the loading and intervene if necessary. The software takes over the task of load control and provides all tools for checking, measuring and correcting the data. In complex data integration scenarios, this is the only way to obtain a comprehensive view of what data is available to all your customers and in what quality. You control the quality yourself.

Load control for SAP FSDP

The component "Load Control" is based on a powerful logic that coordinates and processes the loading of data onto your SAP FSDP. In an initial step, all dependencies within the SAP FSDP are automatically taken into account. The loading control then determines the optimal sequence of data delivery for your SAP FSDP, thus avoiding inconsistencies. To create contracts, for example, the corresponding contract partners must first exist in the system. 

Inconsistent data records and information are recognized early on and are not passed on. The same procedure is followed with incorrect data records. The errors can be viewed in the "Load Monitoring" component and corrected with the Data Quality Management component.

Load monitoring

The Load Monitoring component aims to determine the status of all data loads and make it available to the recipients. To achieve this, a data integration layer for the HANA Data Warehouse is generated, whose interfaces for the ETL tools hardly differ from the interfaces of the existing loading mechanisms - only functions for the load control described above are added. During the data delivery all loads are logged and the corresponding evaluation is stored in the HANA data warehouse in the form of a virtual datamart. The information is prepared and made available in a clear and concise manner using SAP UI5. On the basis of this information, business users can be informed about the status of the data relevant to them and, based on this, take the necessary actions.

Data quality monitoring

Data quality monitoring is part of the web-based monitoring cockpit. Its core functionality is to provide full transparency of data quality within the SAP FSDP. The core component of the module are rule-based checks against which the data is checked in the integration layer.
Based on our experience, we already provide numerous quality criteria and checking rules. This includes classic consistency checks and dependencies between entities. But also mandatory field checks, format checks and field validations for semantic correctness are included. In addition, numerous business rules are available to business users. User-specific data quality check mechanisms can be freely configured at any time.

Results from quality measurements are output in a clear and user-friendly manner. The information can be displayed at the level of individual banking entities or business domains. These can be grouped according to the underlying checking rules.

Data quality management

The component "Data Quality Management" is a logical addition to Data Quality Monitoring and is also part of the Monitoring Cockpit. It provides numerous tools and functions that can be used to correct detected data quality deficiencies and to perform any error corrections. Incorrect or incomplete data is collected centrally at this point and made available for postprocessing.

In this context, technical release processes and the automatic logging of changes ensure revision security. 

Data Model

Our solution basically uses the Financial Service Data Model of SAP FSDP and considers the conceptual and the physical data model (CDM and PDM) equally. Based on this, the product generates special HANA artifacts that best capture the complexity of the reference data model.

This not only saves implementation effort, but also ensures that later extensions of the data model and HANA database tables on your SAP FSDP are directly reflected in all components of the platform. In this way we provide a central building block that ensures stable operation, minimal maintenance effort and cost-effective expansion of your systems.  

Your Benefits

With our solution you ...

  • SAP FSDM-specific plausibility checks ensure maximum data quality and system stability
  • save time and money through efficient, user-friendly data quality management
  • correct data quickly and audit-proof and thus meet the deadlines of your reports

Trust experts

As an SAP partner, ADWEKO enjoys close cooperation with the software manufacturer from Walldorf. This gave us the advantage of being one of the first companies to deal with SAP FSDP early on. We are also currently developing an integrative solution for SAP FSDP and Wolters Kluwer OneSumX in cooperation with SAP. This gives us the privilege to dive very deeply into the technology. 
Rely on ADWEKO as your trusted solution provider and benefit from our many years of project experience in the banking and insurance environment!

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